Sarcastically, Infinitely, and Blindly [COMPLETED]

I had promised myself that I would never fall in love again. But you know what they say, promises are meant to be broken and so is my heart. [This is Isaac’s story, the fault in our stars fan-fiction.]

(WARNING: I've ended it in a some-what happily ever after because I just couldn't find the perfect ending. However, don't hate me because as Augustus says, "All salvation is temporary". So, beware before proceeding X)


6. B o r e d o m


The day after group session Isaac was still thinking about Christie. About the way she talked and answered him and he could bet a million dollars she was bipolar. Isaac was lounging in the living room chair restlessly listening to movie audios through you tube.

He put his laptop beside him but didn't know how to stop the audio. His mum had left-to  go to shower- him with plenty snacks across him and a movie audio to hear. He listened to the audio half-heartedly and fumbled around for snacks.

His hands met a big packet and he grabbed it and heard the familiar 'crickeling' -the only way to describe the sound-of his favourite crackers packet. He ripped off the top of the packet and dug in, shoving crackers into his mouth.

"Isaac, I'm going to the mall, do you want to come?"  His mum asked and he knew she was out of the shower. She had this weird tendency to go to the mall after showering. Isaac felt bored and the mall wasn't a better place to be at but it was outside this prison of his mind at least.

"Um . . .  yeah, I wanna come," Isaac responded.

"Really?" his mum sounded surprised.

"Uh-huh," Isaac said trying to get up, "I'm bored."

"oh . . . okay," His mum answered and he heard a rustling sound, " Wait, first." 

She came back down and grabbed Isaac and his stick in both hands and they quickly went out and Isaac sat in shot gun and stuffed his stick in the back seat.

"Let's go," His mum breathed out.


"Mum!" Isaac whined but his mum was too busy and he groaned hearing the ruffling of clothes as his mum looked through them, "It's time to go. We've been here for over three hours!" 

"Okay, okay! A few more minutes," came the mumble of a reply.

"NO!!" Isaac murmured.

"Oh hey Christie," His mum's voice chirped loudly and Isaac thought he was imagining things, "Isaac!" His mum called him, "Isn't this your friend from group?"

"Not a dream," Isaac mumbled to himself as footsteps approached him.

"Oh, hey there Isaac," Christie said and he noticed that she had a bit of a British accent.

"Hi," he mumbled flushing a little. He heard his mum go back to the clothes.

"Let's see," Christie started, "You offered to come with your mum to shop but it didn't work out the way you planned and you ended up drop dead bored and blind."

"Of course," Isaac said and if he had eyes he would probably roll them.

"I noticed that I come of as mean right now," Christie said sceptically.

"uh-huh," Isaac answered running a hand through his hair.

Christie puffed air into her right cheek and looked around with a bored expression.

"I'm done shopping," she said randomly, "Let's go out. I'll take you."

"What makes you think I am coming with you?" Isaac said.

"You're not?" Christie asked raising an eye-brow. Her expression Isaac couldn't see.

Isaac signed, "Where are we going?" he asked her. Christie smiled and grabbed his hand, happily pulling him up as he fiddled for his stick.


"Can you text my mum, the location of our destination," Isaac asked shoving his phone towards where he thought was Christie.

"Of course," Christie answered and he heard her sharp nails against the screen and then she shoved it back. He slid it into his pocket without a thought. This is what Hazel usually does but Hazel's probably out with her friends somewhere.

After Gus had died she started hanging with this girl who used to be good friends with her or something. Isaac on the other hand didn't notice anything different except for him being blind and no Gus saying stuff right into his ear.

"We are here!" Christie said ion her chirpy and slightly British accent. Technically, there are no 'slightly' British accents but her accent just isn't that thick.

"Are we?" Isaac said sarcastically exhaling through pursed lips making his hair blow away from his eyes.

"Yep," Christie said ignoring his urgent need to be annoying.

"Well, tell me," Isaac huffed out.

"We are at my favourite restaurant for our first date ever," Christie joked with a smile in her voice and Isaac couldn't help but smile.

"You're a possessive on, didn't even care to ask me out first," Isaac joked back as Christie leaned in to help him out of the seat belt. He breathed in and it smelled like grapes and berries. "Too much perfume though."

Christie laughed and swatted his arm before getting out of the car and it the heat of the day. She over to his side and opened the door before gently grabbing his arm and leading him out of the car.

She linked arms with him happily and Isaac wondered why she was so excited to hang-out with a blind dude. He didn't know the height of curiosity Christie Wadley had.

She wanted to know how it felt to be blind, how it felt to hang-out with someone blind, and how it felt to date  a blind and maybe how it felt to love someone who could never judge her by her looks considering he couldn't see.

It wasn't that see was bad looking; in fact if she did the right make-up she looked almost beautiful. Everyone has beauty, people just have to show it and see it. That's how the world works and possibly the ugliest of the 'ugly-s' can get the prettiest of the perfection.

It's just in the fact if you can see things in a beautiful way but Isaac's only way to see is hear and feel. But they still were perspectives of looking at things. But right now all Isaac could see in Christie was that she was an annoying girl who unfortunately smelled good.

"Where are you taking me to?" Isaac asked frowning because of the heat.

"A place!" Christie laughed randomly. Isaac groaned and he seemed to be doing that a lot nowadays.






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