Sarcastically, Infinitely, and Blindly [COMPLETED]

I had promised myself that I would never fall in love again. But you know what they say, promises are meant to be broken and so is my heart. [This is Isaac’s story, the fault in our stars fan-fiction.]

(WARNING: I've ended it in a some-what happily ever after because I just couldn't find the perfect ending. However, don't hate me because as Augustus says, "All salvation is temporary". So, beware before proceeding X)


7. B e a c h


“It’s a beach side restaurant,” Christie explained, “and I come here all the time!”

“Is there sand?” Isaac asked nervously.

“um, no,” she answered sarcastically, “like duh? Dumbass.”

“Bipolar,” Isaac mumbled.

“Wha—” she started.

“Nothing,” Isaac answered quickly, “Just pay attention to my foot at all times.”

“What?” Christie asked confused, “Why?”

“Because, you idiot,” Isaac started already feeling an itchy feeling as they walked across the sand and towards the restaurant, “I don’t want crabs crawling up my legs and biting me in places I wouldn’t want it to, do I?”

Christie started laughing, Isaac realized she did that a lot, not that he minded. In fact, he might have loved it. They kept walking and Christie started talking about how crabs are too small to really ‘hurt’ people.

“Watch your step,” Christie joked, “I mean, we are going to climb three steps so be careful and hold onto my arm.”

He did, very tightly and Christie was afraid she would lose her circulation but she didn’t really mind much.

“Sit.”  Christie said as she pushed him gently into a seat and sat down across him.

“I’m in an unknown place, with an unknown girl when I’m freaking blind!” Isaac said burying his face into his arms.

“Not much I can do about that,” Christie said, “The waiters pretty cute.”

“Well that’s a plus,” Isaac said sardonically, “for you.”

“Yeah, like dude a girl has needs,” Christie teased, “If one cute guy isn’t giving her the time of the day, she needs another.”

“Did you just call me cute?” Isaac snorted.

“What?” Christie asked and her voice sounded a ‘little’ nervous.

“You did,” Isaac said laughing, “God, you’re blunt.”

“It’s not like it’s the first time anyone said that to you is it?” Christie asked and his face turned grim.

“It isn’t” he said expressionlessly and then grinned, “But coming from you it’s different.”

“Different good or different bad?” she asked a smile creeping to her lips again.

“Different good,” Isaac said and Christie's breath hitched a little at his flirtatiously deep tone and then his lips quirked up into a smirk, “like the girl that hates me, huh?”

Christie smiled, “I don’t hate you.” Isaac went quite as the waiter came.

“What can I get you today, ma’am?” asked a male voice, he had an accent that Isaac couldn’t quite place.

“Um. . . Chicken Ravioli, potato salad, and . . .” Christie went on ordering and Isaac told her to order the same thing for him because he wasn’t really hungry.

“So, what your favorite thing to do?” Christie asked randomly and added, “because currently you don’t seem to be into anything.”

“I’m a geek,” Isaac answered.

“Right, video game—” Christie started, “are you bullshitting me?”

“Why would I?” Isaac asked confused.

“Because,” Christie dragged out, “how can you play a video game if you don’t—”

Isaac didn’t let her finish and started laughing, “I am blind, but I can still play, its voice sensitive, idiot.”

Christie smiled, “That’s the first time you really laughed around me.”

“That’s deep,” Isaac said and Christie couldn’t help think dirty as she sniggered. “You dirt shit. Seriously your brain is trash.”

“Thanks a lot, knickers,” Christie chuckled.

“See you can’t even swear without being strange,” Isaac smiled.

“When you have rubbish for a brain you can’t really be not strange,” Christie said back.

“You food is here,” the waiter announced coming back to their table.

“Geez, you don’t have to be so loud.” Isaac hissed to him.

“I am sorry sir,” he said casually ignoring Isaac’s rudeness.

“Jealousy is a sin,” Christie said chuckling when the waiter walked away. She stuffed forkfuls of ravioli into her mouth and drained it with her syrupy drink.

“Perks of being blind,” Christie said smiling, “if you hadn’t been then he might have bashed your nose in. . . or not.”

“What?” Isaac asked confused and reached for his fork.

“Why go through so much trouble as finding your food when you have me?” Christie asked suddenly as snatched the fork from him.

“What?” Isaac asked.

“Open your mouth,” Christie snapped but she was smiling as she held a fork loaded with food right in front of his lips.

“You do—” Isaac started but too late she shoved the fork in and after a second of hesitation Isaac closed his lips over it and Christie smoothly pulled it out.

Christie looked at him and saw how adorable he looked with sauce dribbling down his chin. Yikes! The dribbling part felt gross to her so she took a handkerchief from the tray and dabbed at his chin.

“I feel like a child,” Isaac said with a hint of a smile on his face.

“You look like a child.” Christie confirmed. They continued like that her eating fast as Isaac chewed like a patient with paralyzed gums and her shoving food into his mouth every now and then despite his protests.

“Thanks for the compliment,” Isaac mumbled.

“That wasn’t one,” Christie said.

“You mean children aren’t cute,” Isaac feigned horror and then smirked, “that’s a little harsh.”

“Oh meh gee! Isaac you look so fucking adorable with cheese, and ketchup slobbering down your face! Gross!” Christie squealed mockingly.

“Ok, ok, I got it when you said ‘slobbering’. Seriously, those words should be banned from the English language!” Isaac laughed.

“It should and f-bombs should like stay,” Christie said grinning like an idiot.

“Uh-huh,” Isaac said as she shoved another forkful into his mouth.

“Because how else should I tell you how fucking adorable you look?” Christie said flirting dangerously as she tip-toed her fingers up his arm.

“Uh huh,” was the nervously satisfying reply she got.



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