The Deaf Ballerina

People say that It can't happen, But When A girl named Shiloh Joslyn Gilmore-Baker dreams about being a ballerina an develops a disease which becomes more serious than intended Shiloh looses her ability to hear. Changing schools and still dreaming to be a ballerina, Shiloh has to choose whether dancing without hearing is going to work or if, She needs to find a new passion.


5. Second Day of the New Me part 1

I woke up in the hospital. Doctor Estevez  approached me and talked to me.  "Morning Shiloh, your hearing aids came early, Your parents have them.  Now the hearing aids won't make you hear but they will amplify sounds. Your hearing aids will have a microphone which has settings that change between omni-directional and directional. Omni-directional microphones pick up sounds coming from all around. Directional microphones pick up sounds from a narrow listening direction. In noisy listening situations a directional microphone can reduce the loudness of sounds and noise coming from behind. It can help the hearing aid user hear speech that is coming from the front, alright?" Doctor Estevez informed me, talking slowly.

I nodded..I wasn't really scared as much anticipated for what was next. My last day of Millington was in two days today is Saturday. I had two days to know a language that I know only little of and switch schools. Anyway, I felt no pain since Thursday's operation so I guess that's good.  I patted Doctor Estevez's wrist "When am I going to be released from the hospital?" I asked her.  "You can be released anytime." She answered then before she left I asked her another question. "are you hearing impared? that's why you have hearing aids too?" I asked her.   She nodded "yes...I have no hearing in my left ear at all." She enclosed then left.  I nodded and laid there waiting.

An hour later, my dad came to get me. I picked up my small bag of clothes and hair brush which didn't use and I went inside the car and went home. "How do you feel?"  My dad asks me.  "I feel...fine.." I answered.  "Your hearing aids are at home." He told me.  I nodded reading his lips.  We went in the house and I picked up the yellow soft package. I opened it and followed the directions and I put them on my ears and turned them on.  A screeching sound came out and I adjusted the volume. I sighed and looked at myself in the mirror in the back of me I saw my dance bag. I walked to it and I took out and put on my ballet tights and black leotard and my pink shoes and I go to the back room where I practiced dancing.  Then I remembered how am I going to listen to the music?  I turned on the music and put on some ballet music on and turned my hearing aid up a bit. still couldn't hear it.  I turned up the stereo and I could hear the vibrations now.  I started at the bar and I started dancing.

Two hours later, I took a break from dancing and I went on my laptop and went to an American Sign Language learning website and I started off with the alphabet first.   then after doing that for almost an hour, my stomach growled in hunger and I went downstairs then saw my dad on the step ladder putting something together.

"What are you doing, dad?" I asked him.

"I'm putting up alarms for you so you'll know whose at the door, when the phone is ringing, when the alarm is going off, when the fire alarm is going off and such like that."  He said.

I nodded "Ah. Is mom making dinner?" I asked him.

He nods "Yep. She's making beef stew, mashed potatoes and broccoli and Enchiladas" 

I smiled "yay Enchiladas." I cheered and went in the kitchen and got a pop-tart while waiting for dinner. I ate the pop-tart while learning asl signs.

A hand tapped my shoulder 45 minutes later, my dad was behind me. "Dinner's ready." He told me.  I went to dinner that instant, hungry.


After dinner and after doing the dishes, I went up in my room and I put my hearing aids in the case and on my vanity and I brushed my hair.  My mother went inside my room and waved her hand at me.

"Hi mom." I said as I brushed my light brown hair.

"Hi,  Look....Helen Keller has an Open House tomorrow at Three, alright? and your going. I want you to get a feel into your new school for your last three years of school." My mom told me.  I nodded. She kissed my forehead. "Night mom."  I said as I put my hair in a bun and going in my bed.    "Goodnight My love."  My mom replies and she turns off my light and closes my door, leaving my night light shining bright.   I feel asleep.

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