The Deaf Ballerina

People say that It can't happen, But When A girl named Shiloh Joslyn Gilmore-Baker dreams about being a ballerina an develops a disease which becomes more serious than intended Shiloh looses her ability to hear. Changing schools and still dreaming to be a ballerina, Shiloh has to choose whether dancing without hearing is going to work or if, She needs to find a new passion.


6. Open house at Helen Keller's school for deaf and blind and the first day at the new school

I woke up at the vibration of my alarm watch that I bought. I trudged slowly to the bathroom with my towel on my arm. After I took I shower, my mother tapped my shoulder I turned around.

"Do you remember that we have to go to Helen Keller's in an hour?" she asked.

 I nodded. "I remember mom. I'm getting dressed now." I walked into my room and put on a plaid shirt and jeans and my boots. I combed my hair down then I walked downstairs. My mother grabbed the car keys and we sat in the car and my mother drove to Helen Keller's School For the Blind and Deaf.

We got out of the car once we got there and There were two principles that was the actual principle then there was the principle's assistant who was the interpreter and vice principle.  "Welcome to Helen Keller's school for the blind and deaf.  I am Principle Mills and this is my interpreter and vice Principle Williams." Introduced the Woman to the left who was signing as the other woman spoke.  "Hello, I'm Carla Baker and this is my daughter, Shiloh."   My mom introduced me to the two principles. Principle Williams interpreted to Principle Mills   "We'll show you around the school." Principle Mills signed then showed my mom and I around the school.  "Helen Keller's school for the deaf and blind was founded in 1984, sixteen years after Keller's death by someone who was inspired by Helen Keller named Jenny Garcia who was also blind and deaf.  Our school provides the same academics that a mainstream school has except where a mainstream school a deaf or blind person are not able to feel normal around other people in this school, the deaf and blind in this community and other communities do." Principle Mills signed and Principle Williams spoke.  They took us to the classrooms and showed us where they were and where the outside lunchrooms; there were two. One outside on the side of the school and the other one is on the roof of the school.

Shethen showed us the principle's office and then a transparent door next to the janitor's closet   "We have over 1500 deaf students and maybe 300 blind students every year. This school is divided into two parts." Principle Mills signed then continued "There is a bridge behind this slide and close door where the blind kids go to school. they have their own section of this school to learn but they do have to cross that bridge to have lunch. So, blind and deaf kids maybe apart until lunch but they're still together at the end of the day."   Principle Mills and Principle Williams took us to the gym which was in the basement of the school.  "This is the gym and the basketball and volleyball practice room.  Our coach, Coach McCormick works with the basketball games and middle and high school tournaments also he teaches gym." Principle Mills went on then looked at my mother and I. "Do you have any questions?" Principle Mills asked.   "Is there a drama class in this school?" My mother asked and Principle Williams interpreted.  Principle Mills shook her head "We do not yet have the funding for any extra co-curricular after school activities except for basketball and Volleyball." Principle Mills signed as Principle Williams spoke.   "Okay, that's the end of the open house. Do you have anymore questions?" Principle Williams asked and signed My mother and I shook our heads. "Alright, Your starting school Monday right, Shiloh?" Principle Williams asked and signed at the same time.  "Yes, Ma'am" I answered.  "Good, We'll see you on Monday at 8:15 Principle Williams said and signed.  We waved good-bye and we got in the car. "This school seems to be a nice school." Commented my mom as she drove out of the parking lot. I nodded "I agree."


On Monday, I woke up at 6:50 and I got washed and dressed for school. By the time I was done with washing and dressing it is already 7:56 I ran down the stairs and sat in the kitchen table my dad was putting the pancake on my plate as I gave Sandy a bacon treat.

 Mom walked down the stairs in a business outfit. "For a dental assistant you do look like you work corporal office." I told her as I ate my pancake. She smiled "Thank you"   "Are you ready for your new school, Shi?" asked my dad. I nodded. "Yep. Speaking of that, I better go." I said then I got up.  "Lunch money is in the lion hat"  my mother called after me.  I nodded and took the money then I grabbed my book bag and left the house. I made sure I had every book in my book bag and my ballet clothes and shoes.  I rode my bike to school. When I got there I parked my bike on the bike rail and I looked at my roster. 1st period is English class.  I went to my locker, locker 316 and I opened it.  A boy bumped into my locker door.  I jumped and I looked at him and tried to sign "Are you alright?" I asked. I notice it was the same boy that I had knocked into a five weeks ago.  He slowly got up and rubbed his head and nodded then signed "I'm fine. Just a bruise" he signed and mouthed his words.   "I'm S-H-I-L-O-H B-A-K-E-R" I greeted.  The boy nodded "I'm M-I-G-U-E-L E-S-T-E-V-E-Z" Miguel Estevez signed. I tilted my head a bit then I took out my phone and looked at the sign for doctor then I looked at him. "Is your mom a doctor?" I asked him in sign.  He nodded then he used the knocking sign which meant yes.  "Why?" He signed.  "I was her patient" I signed back then a green light blinked which meant it was time for 1st period.  I went to English class. I sat down in one of the desks. All of the desks are formed in a mid-way circle.  It was kind of hard for me to understand the signing still, so I just read Ms. Waller's lips.   The same went for history with Ms. Cole and Science with Mr. Davenport then there was lunch. I paid for my food from the café across the street then I went back into the school and sat down at the outside lunchroom. I sat at a small circle table. Miguel and a girl that was walking next to him sat where I sat. "Can we sit here?" asked the girl with blonde hair.  I nodded then signed yeah.   Miguel and the girl sat down then dug into their lunch.  Miguel looked up at me. "New student here?" I nodded then signed "Yeah.and still getting used to signing everything. I use this ASL transmitter thingy." I signed.  Miguel chuckled and nodded. "Yeah..that's the way I went too. before I went to ASL classes.  I think I was about...6 years old, still going to a mainstream school.  It was hell." Miguel signed.  The girl nodded and so did I.  "Were you born with your deafness?" I asked them in asl.   Miguel shook his head and the girl nodded.  "when I was a kid, I used to listen to music blasting In my ears. Next day, I couldn't mom took my to the hospital..and since I've been hard of hearing. my mom's the same way too. She's hard of hearing" Miguel signed.   "I'm N-I-K-O-L-E by the way" The blonde girl signed.  I signed 'Nice to meet you' and I told her my name. 

By the end of the school day, I was ready to plop on the couch and sleep but I still had ballet class to get to.  I caught the 52 bus and I got to ballet class 5 minutes early. I changed into my clothes and I went inside the classroom where my dance instructor Ms. Rachel was.  She stopped me before I went to the bar.  She took me to the side as the other girls and one boy walked into the classroom. Ms. Rachel looked at me. "You can tell me when I'm going to fast, Okay? Just watch my movements, alright? I'll tell you what tempo and how many counts there are alright?" Ms. Rachel spoke and I read her lips and I nodded "Okay." I went to the bar and we stretched and after stretches Ms. Rachel turned off the music and she flapped her hand at me for me to stop and I looked at her.   "Okay...Today, we'll do Ton-due from 5 position..3 times...then we'll raise on relive` then we'll tombay then we'll close in 5th position. Then we'll plié then por-de-bra. Then we'll go to the back and to the same. ton-due 5 times then raise on relive then close in 5 position then we'll turn to the other side and do it to the left. Alright?" Ms. Rachel looked at the class then she looked at me. "Shiloh, you got it?"  I nodded.

At the end of class, I changed my clothes and my dad picked me up when I got home I did my homework and then I studied. After I studied I went down for dinner.   My parents talked about work and my mom looked at me and signed that she was invited to her high school reunion next Monday and her friend Carly was going as-well. She told me that I would have to babysit Carly's 2 kids Lucas and Hope.  Lucas was 10 and Hope was an infant close to 5 months old. I nodded and said I would do it. I loved babysitting the Porter kids even though sometimes, Lucas got his head stuck in a banister or rode down the banister and almost broke his grandmother's urn that one time.  After dinner, I washed the dishes and I fed sandy, then I went to bed.

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