The Deaf Ballerina

People say that It can't happen, But When A girl named Shiloh Joslyn Gilmore-Baker dreams about being a ballerina an develops a disease which becomes more serious than intended Shiloh looses her ability to hear. Changing schools and still dreaming to be a ballerina, Shiloh has to choose whether dancing without hearing is going to work or if, She needs to find a new passion.


4. First day of the new me part 2


My mother began out slow "The doctors ran tests after checking your ears...They said because of how hard the ball hit your face. You're permanently deaf."  It felt my world was falling.  

"What?" I asked in a soft whisper.

My dad held my hand tighter "They said that the ball hit you so hard that it knocked out your hearing.."  

I sigh and nod. "Am I changing schools?" I asked them.

My mom rubbed my hair "We'll talk about everything to that extent when you come home tonight."   I nodded.  Then Doctor Estevez came in the room and gave my mother a clipboard that had an fill out paper on it for prescription hearing aids.

"Well Shiloh, You'll be given hearing aids in 6 to 12 weeks or so. Alright?" Dr. Estevez said    I read her lips and I nodded.

"Uh dad, I think I should start American Sign Language classes." I told him and he agreed.  "About that too..." My mother started and she looked at me.  "We think you should transfer to Helen Keller's school for Blind and Deaf."   I frowned "But...I just started Millington."   My mother sighed and nodded "I know. I'll check to see if they have something for kids who are deaf but sweetheart if they don' have to transfer. Alright?"   I sighed and nodded "Fine."

I went home that night, I ate and then I got dressed for ballet class. Then I remembered. I can't hear so how am I going to listen to the music and hear the teacher?   I took off my clothes and put on my pajamas and then I sat at my laptop and looked up how could deaf people hear loud music.  Then someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around, It was Rachel and Angel.

"Hi guys. " I said.  Rachel and Angel waved "CAN YOU STILL HEAR US IF WE TALKED LOUDER?!" They yelled. "Could you....Slow down...I can't understand you.." I told them calmly.    "CAN. YOU. HEAR. US. IF. WE. TALK. L-O-U-DER!?" They said again slowly."I can read your lips but no matter how loud you talk, I still can't hear you." I said as I got up and pulled at my ear lobes."Oh.....Sorry. So How's it like being deaf?" Angel asks as they both sat down on my treasure chest in-front of my bed.

I shrugged "It's sort of like being underwater...but with no water. I can't hear a single thing." I explained. Angel and Rachel nodded. "So...Are you transferring since Millington doesn't have any deaf programs?" Rachel.

"Yeah. Next Monday is my last day at Millington Academy. I'm going to Helen Keller's school for Blind and Deaf." I looked at them "Wait...How'd you get in the house?" I questioned.   My dad's at the library and my mom's at work...and we don't have a doorbell. "We came by the fire escape" they said. Then my dad called me downstairs. "Your dad's calling you." Said Rachel.  I said good-bye to Angel and Rachel as they left by the fire escape and I went downstairs.  "The hospital called and they looked at your X-rays...They said you have a tumor from the disease and said that  you have to be committed to the hospital before the tumor gets worse" He said slowly as I read his lips.  "What if the tumor gets worse?" I asked.  "You'll die." He uttered then continued. "When you go to the hospital, you're going to go through surgery."   I nodded.

A few minutes later, we sat in the car and I went to the hospital. The nurses put me on a gurney and took me to the emergency room so they could prep me for surgery and put me on the bed and I laid down as Dr. Estevez came in the room. "Don't be scared Shiloh, you'll be asleep through most of it" She assured me slowly.  I nodded and I closed my eyes and breathed in the oxygen from the mask and I was instantly knocked out for surgery.

When I woke up, I was laughing like a little kid on laughing gas. I reached out to my dad's nose and squeezed and laughed "Pretty ear..." I then fell back to sleep having a minor migraine due to the surgery.


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