The Deaf Ballerina

People say that It can't happen, But When A girl named Shiloh Joslyn Gilmore-Baker dreams about being a ballerina an develops a disease which becomes more serious than intended Shiloh looses her ability to hear. Changing schools and still dreaming to be a ballerina, Shiloh has to choose whether dancing without hearing is going to work or if, She needs to find a new passion.


1. Beginning of the story of my life.

My world was right side up at birth to 5 years old. During 2-4 I was taking ballet classes; I love them. Then at the age of 5, my father, Lucas died of a car explosion, then a year later, my mother, Johannah became an alcoholic and my grandmother came to take care of me and my older brother Chad and my younger 16 month old baby brother Liam while my mom was supposed to be at AA classes. But we later found out, she wasn't and instead was drinking again. My grandmother and my mother had a fight which ended up with my grandmother telling my mother that if she didn't clean up her act that she would have me and my brother's taken from her. I clenched to my teddy bear as I was evesdropping. My grandmother gave it three days, when my mother was arrested for DUI. I knew that this was the last time, I'd seen my mother and grandmother.  When the Children services came, I grabbed my grandmother hand.

"Why can't you take care of us?" I asked her.

She shook her head and pushed me into the arms of the Children services worker and said "You deserve better."  I frowned and looked at my grandmother.  My mother was smoking a ciggeratte as we went away.  Two weeks later, My grandmother died in her sleep and my mother was arrested for DUI and violating probation.

 At nine, I was adopted by a cute couple in their mid 30's named Carla and Joshua Baker. My brothers were adopted all ready, Chad went with a single parent and Lucas went also with a single parent. My adopted mother and Father took me home and I felt like they were my birth parents. I live in Richmond, New York with an engaged couple and a dog named Sandy. My name is: Shiloh Joslyn Gilmore- Baker.

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