Falling for the Enemy

Nora and Luke are the most popular people in school. You'd think they'd get along, right? Nope. Nora gets a crush on Luke but freaks out because he's a player and of course she's supposed to hate his guts. But things get a bit different when Luke comes onto Nora and definitely gives her something to think about.


7. 🍸 Turn up 🙊🙈

"Get on the bike, bitch!" Luke demanded.

"Haha, is that what you're calling me now?" I replied.

"Sure." He said slapping my butt.

"So where are we going?" I asked getting onto his motorbike.

"Someone's party." He answered.

"You don't know whose?" I laughed.

"Nope!" He started up the bike and we drove for about 10 minutes. We stopped outside a tall white fancy looking house. By now, the sun was setting. We walked inside. There was a big ass crowd. Bang Bang was playing loud through out the house. All the lights were off and people were waving glow sticks around. "Ooh I like this song!" I yelled so Luke could here me over the music.

"Me too!" He yelled back. We joined hands and started to dance.

Bang bang into the room

I know you want it

Bang bang all over you

I let you have it

Wait a minute let me take you there

Wait a minute 'till ya (ahhhhh hey)

Bang bang there goes your heart

I know you want it

Back back seat of my car

I let you have it

"Let's go take shots!" Luke suggested.

"Yeah ok!" I agreed. We walked into the kitchen, where we find Calum and Ashton taking shots. "Where is Michael?!" Luke yelled.

"Dunno, he got really drunk! Last time we saw him he was grinding on some girl!" Ashton replied. Luke looked at me and shrugged. We started to take shots. I got pretty dizzy. Luke sipped some liquor, but didn't sallow it. He pressed his lips against my lips, but still didn't swallow the alcohol. He demanded entrance with his tongue. The alcohol entered my mouth along with his tongue. Some of the vodka dripped down our chins. I put my arms on his shoulders, and wrapped them around his neck whilst he kept his hands on my butt. We pulled away, releasing all the the alcohol onto my short black dress and his red flannel. "Shit! It's all over our clothes!" I complained.

"Better take our clothes off then!" Luke suggested.

"Hehe are you drunk?!" I asked.


"Me too!" I said giggling. I grabbed Luke's hand and dragged him upstairs. We went into a bedroom, not caring whose it was. We started to strip, and hung our clothes over a chair to dry. "Nice body." Luke complimented.

"I know right!" I giggled looking at my boobs. Luke slowly got closer. Soon our bodies were pressed against each other. We wrapped our arms around each other, and he pulled me onto the bed. He pushed me down, and just as he was about to enter my me, I stopped him. "Luke! Protection!" I yelled. Luke sighed and crawled over to a draw. He opened it in search for condoms. He pulled out a sock. "We could use this!"

"No! You're not shoving that up my vagina!"

"Well, then no protection."

"Fine. We'll do it without protection." I sighed. Luke nodded and hovered over me again. He slowly went in and out. "Faster." I demanded. He got quicker and quicker making us both moan. I heard the faint sound of We Can't Stop playing downstairs. Luke's sweat dripped onto me, but I really didn't care. I kinda liked it. He finally collapsed onto me panting, but I wasn't done yet. I pushed him onto his back. I licked him from the top of his neck, until I reached far enough. I licked in between, and then down to the tip. I picked it up, and put it in my mouth. Luke started to moan. It was very erect, and squirted every now and then. I pulled it out. A string of his sticky sweet was still attached to my lip, so I licked it off. "Why'd you stop?" Luke asked.

"Why did YOU stop?" I replied. Luke rolled his eyes. I got off the bed, stumbling. "Nora." Luke moaned.


"Come back over here." He demanded.

"Why?" I teased. Luke got up and pushed me back onto the bed. He jumped on top of me, causing me to squeal. He bit my neck up and down. "Luke, I think our clothes would be dry by now." I said pushing him away.

"Yeah, but if we put them back on, then we'd just get our clothes wet again." He said winking.

"Luke w- OHHHH I see what you did there." I laughed. Luke smiled. "But seriously, can we clean up before we get caught." I said.

"Ok." Luke agreed getting off me. We took some tissues out of a tissue box. "Can I clean that up for you?" Luke asked.

"Haha ok." Luke kneeled down on level with my split. He licked away the juices, and then got a tissue and dried it all up. "Luke that tickles." I said giggling. He got off his knees and looked me directly in the eye. "Nora, I'm so wasted." He laughed. "There is no way I can get us back home."

"We'll crash here then." I suggested. Luke nodded. "C'mon, let's get dressed." I said walking to my clothes.

"Nora." Luke moaned.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Nothing." He sighed. I laughed and rolled my eyes.


I woke up on a couch. There were all these people lying on the floor. Cups were everywhere. I felt someone hugging my legs. I looked down to see Luke. Michael was sleeping on the coffee table, while Calum and Ashton were cuddling on the floor. I giggled. "Luke wake up." I said poking his shoulder. Luke's eyes fluttered open.

"Hi." He mumbled.

"Hey." I mumbled back. Luke sat up and I shuffled closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me. "What did we do last night?" I asked.

"You don't remember?"

"I do, but, Luke, what did we DO?" I said. Luke laughed.

"I don't know Nora." He replied. Michael fell off the coffee table and woke up. "OH MY GOSH GUYS!" Michael yelled.

"What?" Luke asked.

"I totally got some last night!" Michael bragged. Luke and I laughed. Michael started to feel his pockets. He pulled out a piece of paper. "Yessss. I got her number." He got up and ran into the kitchen. A girl suddenly came from upstairs. "Ok! Everyone out! My parents will be back today!" She said. People started to wake up. There was a lot of moaning and grunting. "C'mon! Hurry up!" She demanded. Slowly, people started to leave. Michael came out of the kitchen with the paper still in hand. Ashton and Calum had a sudden jolt when they woke up, finding themselves in each other's arms.


"Where were you last night?" My mother asked as I entered the house.

"At a party." I muttered.

"With Luke?" She questioned.

"Yah." I replied.

"You are to stay away from him." She ordered.

"No." I denied.


"No." I repeated.

"And what makes you think you can say no?" She asked.

"The fact that you're not even involved in my life, yet you decide that you're going to choose who I can and cannot date."

"I am to involved in your life!" She yelled.

"If you were involved in my life then you would know who my friends are! You would know what grades I get! You would know that I don't eat any more than one piece of fruit a day BECAUSE YOU DON'T BOTHER TO FEED ME!" I snapped. My mother's eyes widened.

"Go to your room." She demanded.

"Gladly." I said glaring at her. I stormed off into my room. I got my phone out. I started to play music. I didn't bother to use earplugs. I didn't care if my mom could hear it.

On the first page of our story

The future seemed so bright

Then this thing turned out so evil

Don't know why I'm still surprised

Even angles have their wicked schemes

And you take that to new extremes

But you'll always be my hero

Even though you've lost your mind

I sighed as I listened. I really liked this song, but it was so sad. Not that I mind being sad, it's just that it sorta reminded me of when Luke changed.

Now there's gravel in our voices

Glass is shattered from the fight

And this tug of war

You'll always win

Even when I'm right

'Cause you feed me fables

From your hand

With violent words

And empty threats

But I knew that was in the past, and Luke did it for a reason anyway.


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