Falling for the Enemy

Nora and Luke are the most popular people in school. You'd think they'd get along, right? Nope. Nora gets a crush on Luke but freaks out because he's a player and of course she's supposed to hate his guts. But things get a bit different when Luke comes onto Nora and definitely gives her something to think about.


6. Luke's Ex 😒

Earlier today, Luke called me to ask if I wanted to come along on a gig that he was going to play with his band. I didn't know he was in a band, but apparently he is. They're called 5 Seconds of Summer or whatever. I agreed. I wouldn't expect Luke to be good at singing or playing the guitar, but I heard he is. I applied mascara and lipgloss. I have BB cream, but I don't use it unless I have a pimple or I didn't get enough sleep and have circles around my eyes. I heard a car pull up in my drive way. My mom answered a knock at the door. I quickly run over to the door before my mother calls me over. I see Luke and he swings his arm around me. He kissed my cheek, causing me to blush. My mom's facial expression made me nervous. I could tell she wasn't happy with me dating Luke. Luke and I went outside and sat in a red car that contained Calum, Ashton, and Michael. "She doesn't like me, does she?" Luke whispered in my ear.

"Who?" I asked.

"Your mother. She doesn't like me."

"I don't know Luke." I sighed.


I pushed through a crowd to see the boys on a small stage. Ashton was sitting at the back behind a set of drums. The rest were all holding guitars. Luke was at the front. I suddenly felt a violent shove from a person beside me. I looked next to me to see a girl with blonde-ish brown hair and light blue eyes. "Luke!! Lukey Pukey!!!" She called out getting Luke's attention. He rolled his eyes. "This song is called Voodoo Doll." Michael said into the microphone. They started to play their instruments and sing.

I don't even like you

Why'd you want to go and make me feel this way?

I don't understand what's happened

I keep saying things I never say

I can feel you watching even when you're nowhere to be seen

I can feel you touching even when you're far away from me

Tell me where you're hiding your voodoo doll 'cause I can't control myself

I don't wanna stay

I wanna run away but I'm trapped under your spell

And it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest

And I'm having trouble catching my breath

Ooh, ooh

Won't you please stop loving me to death?

I have to say, I was pretty surprised by their talent. They played a couple more songs, and then they left the stage. "LUKE!" Me and the other girl from before called out at the same time. We looked at each other in confusion. She seemed a bit angry. Luke came over and wrapped one arm around me. "Luke!" The girl cheered completely ignoring my presence. "Hey, Aleisha." Luke replied. The girl put her hand on his shoulder. "How's it going?" She asked. Luke held me tighter with his arm. "Fine." He mumbled. I squinted my eyes at her. She had obvious feelings for Luke. I could tell she didn't like me, which was fine because I didn't like her either. "We're gonna go now." Luke informed.

"Aw, why?" Aleisha moaned.

"I'm tired." Luke answered.

"Why don't you come to my place?" She insisted.

"I don't kn-"

"You can bring anyone you want!" She added. Luke's eyes shot at me. "Nora?"

"Oh, sorry Luke. I can't. My mom will be pissed." I sighed.

"Ok... I guess I could just bring the boys." He mumbled.


I got dropped home. My mom was waiting for me. "Who was that boy?" She asked tapping her foot.

"Luke. You don't remember him?" I responded.


"You know... Luke. The boy I was friends with in kindie garden." I explained.

"That's HIM?" She said raising her eyebrows.


"Well I don't think you should be dating him."

"Why not?! He's Luke!" I protested.

"Yeah! Luke with a lip piercing and tattoos! He's no good!" My mom insisted.

"Just because he has a lip piercing and tattoos doesn't mean he's an asshole!" I yelled.


"AT LEAST I KNOW HOW TO DO SOME FUCKING DECENT PARENTING!!!" And just as I said that, my mother slapped me with all her strength. I fell over and smashed my head into the door. Even though I was in agonising pain, I knew I had to get away from my mom. I got up and stumbled into my room.

Luke's POV

Only Calum could make it to this... whatever this is. In other words, he was the only one not quick enough to come up with a fake excuse to not come. Aleisha has been giggly all night. I can tell she wants me back. (Yes, she's my ex.) I swear she's trying to act drunk or something. "Oh shit, I got to go." Calum said looking at his phone.

"Well then I better go to." I said getting up. Aleisha grabbed my hand and forcefully pulled me down. "No stay!" She groaned.

"Luke is my ride." Calum said. I give Calum a "thanks for saving my ass" smile. "Fine. But before you go..." Aleisha then kissed me on the cheek. My eyes go wide. "ALEISHA!" I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!" I yelled.

"Yeah, yeah. That Flora girl or w-"

"Her name is Nora!!" I shouted cutting her off.

"Luke, just listen! I want you to think about it." She suggested. I didn't say anything, I just got up with Calum and left. "So are you going to think about it?" Calum joked.

"Ew no haha." I replied. "Aleisha doesn't compare to Nora!" I added.


I went to my locker to put my books back, when I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turn. "Lukey Pukey! I transferred schools for you!" Aleisha cheered.

"Fu- I mean hi." I responded.

"So have you thought about it?"

"Aleisha... I'm going to be honest. I'm really not interested." I confessed. Aleisha's emotion on her face dropped, but then slightly lifted again. "Okay! Play hard to get! I don't really care. We'll talk later." She said before putting her fingers in my hair and messing it up. She then left. She flicked her hair all up in my grill causing me to flinch. "Dayum, sassy." I mumbled to myself. I looked to my left. I saw Nora looking a bit upset. "Nora, hey!"

"Hey Luke." She replied walking over to me. "So um...-" She began.

"Nora, I know what you're thinking. That's Aleisha, my ex. And no I don't like her in that way. In fact, I don't like her in any way. She's super fucking annoying." I assured her.

"I can tell that she likes you." Nora mumbled looking down.

"You know, I wouldn't pick anyone in the world over you."


Nora's POV

I walked down the hallway. I saw Aleisha talking to some girl with ginger hair right by my locker, which I had to put my books in. I didn't really care if she saw me. I'm pretty confident, I mean what's the odds of her getting away with picking on one of the most popular girls in school. Without hesitation, I walked over to my locker, making sure I walked like I was on a fucking runway because I'm a boss ass bitch. This obviously caught her attention. "Oh hey, Nora!" She called out. I quickly turned around. I gave her an obvious fake smile and turned back to face my locker. She ran up behind me. "So um, you and Luke are a thing... or like... what are you?" She asked.

"We're dating." I answered not taking my attention off my locker.

"Oh that's cute. But... you know he's using you right...?" She addressed. I burst out into laughter.

"Oh, honey. I know you want Luke back, but you'll have to try harder!" I said still laughing.

"Nora, if I wanted Luke back, he would be raping me right now. I know how to get a guy. I mean no offence and everything, but you're a bit..."

"A bit?" I asked raising my eyebrows.

"You know... I mean you're pretty and everything... but you're not THAT pretty."

"Excuse me?" I knew perfectly well that I was prettier than her, and Luke knew that too. She shrugged. I narrowed my eyes. "Sorry, you're just... yeah." She said.

"Bitch, please. I'm hotter than you!" I responded.

"Aha. You keep telling yourself that, hun." She sassed. She then walked away with the ginger girl following her. With an attitude like that towards me? Yeah, she's not gonna survive this school.

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