Falling for the Enemy

Nora and Luke are the most popular people in school. You'd think they'd get along, right? Nope. Nora gets a crush on Luke but freaks out because he's a player and of course she's supposed to hate his guts. But things get a bit different when Luke comes onto Nora and definitely gives her something to think about.


11. Luke can u not

A/N: OMFG my parents confiscated my phone for a week sozzzz. And school has started again so balls.

Nora's POV

Ashton and I have been going out for like... what... a few weeks now? And am I over Luke? That's a funny question, isn't it?

Bree, Violet, Paisley and Ari all sat patiently. "Nora...? Are you over Luke?" Bree asked for a second time.

"A-am I what?" I stuttered.

"Are you over him?"

I looked down at my thumbs and clasped my hands together, trying to come up with an answer.

"I don't know."

Luke's POV

Aleisha had just invited me to go hang out with her in the park.

I'm really starting to see why I fell for her in the first place.

Aleisha and I have been going out for a few weeks now. And am in love with her? That's a funny question, isn't it?

How do I know if I'm in love? Sure, I love her, but am I IN love with her?

There I see her waving at me, a wide smile across her face. She really is pretty. One of the prettiest girls I've ever seen, actually.

I made my way over to her as quickly as I could, not wanting to make her wait. "Hey, Luke!" She grinned, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"How's my princess?" I said quietly into her ear.

"I'm fine." She giggled, untangling herself from me. "Let's go sit?" She suggested, gesturing towards a table that sat on the grass. I quickly nodded, already walking to the table.

We sat opposite each other. (Like normal couples do)

"So," I began. I had my hand placed openly on the table for her to have the opportunity to hold, which she gladly took.

"How's your band?" She asked, probably not even caring but trying to make conversation.

"Um..." I had then suddenly remembered that we haven't been practising lately at all because of my falling out with Ashton. "Actually, we're taking a quick break." I told her, not entirely truthfully.

"Oh, how come?" She asked.

"Well, Ashton and I don't really see eye to eye at the moment." I said, truthfully this time.

"I'm so sorry about that baby!" She gave me apologetic eyes.

"Don't worry about it. We'll be fine." I assured her.

She leaned over the table slightly, her eyes happy and her smile wide. This obviously meant she wanted me to kiss her.

Our lips connected, and like every other time, there were sparks.

If there's one thing I've learnt from getting back with Aleisha though, is to not compare her to Nora.

Nora really was special, but I have to move on. I just wish I could go back and say goodbye. She's still a part of me and I have a feeling she always will be.

Aleisha and I both pulled away, immediately locking eye contact.

"Luke, I'm in love with you." She whispered. My eyebrows raised. "Do you feel the same way?" She asked. I looked down at our hands that were still connected. Every part of me wanted to say "I don't know.", but I knew I couldn't. So, I said what anyone else in the right mind would say.


Ashton's POV

"So yeah, there's gonna be a party tonight. You coming?" Michael asked.

"Sure." I answered.

We walked down the street to Michael's house. Michael had just come from the mall and I saw him walking back to his house from my driveway, so I started walking back to his place with him.

"Who's going to be there?" I asked.

"Like... everyone." Michael slightly let out a giggle.

I decided to call Nora to see if she was coming.

"Hiii." I heard after she picked up.

"Hey, what's up Nora?"

"Nothing much, just hanging out with my bitches."

"Haha cool. Are you coming to the party?" I asked.

"Yeah, Ash." She replied.

"How about I pick you up then?" I offered.

"Kks!" I really don't understand the language that girls use, but I assume 'Kks' means ok.

"Kks! Bye!" I cheered in my best girly voice, mocking her.

"Ok, bye Ash." She said through a laugh. I could feel her rolling her eyes.

Nora's POV

"Guys, we should start getting ready." I suggested after my phone call with Ashton ended. The rest all nodded.

We then started to do our make up and everything (eyeshadow on fleek) and decided to buy some new clothes so we went to the mall.

"This one?" Ari asked. She held up a light pink crop top that came with a matching skirt that poofed out.

"Yes!" Bree and Paisley cheered at the same time.

"Help me guys?" Maddi pleaded, looking lost in what on Earth is fashionable and what isn't. Violet quickly rushed over to Maddi and started looking through the clothes with her. Violet had already bought her outfit, which she refused to show me before the party.

I went on to look for something that will make Ashton feel light-headed. I wanted to go for a bit of a darker look, so not like Ari's outfit. My goal is to sort of break the mould that I apparently have of dressing in light and innocent colors if that makes any sense. "Nora!" Bree called out. I swiftly looked over my shoulder. Bree was making a "come here" gesture with her hand. "Yes?" I asked, walking towards her.

"I think I found what you were looking for!" Bree said, rather excitedly.

"Oh yeah?" I raised my eyebrows. Bree moved some clothes out of the way, uncovering a pair of leggings that were decorated with plaid. "And then if you wear that with..." She quickly lead me over to another set of clothes and uncovered a strapless leather tank top.

"Actually, yeah! I'm gonna buy that!" I grinned, reaching out to grab the tank top.

I headed to the changing rooms to try on the clothes. The tank top had a golden zip that went up the front. It looked really cool if I'm being honest. The top only came about an inch and a half under my boobs, so it was pretty short. I slipped into the leggings and they seemed to fit me fine. I changed back into my own clothes and waited for the others to find their outfits before I paid for mine.

We all got dropped back at our houses on the way back from the mall in order for us to take care of anything else (and of course Ashton is picking me up from my house).

I put on my new clothes and looked through my high heels and picked out a black pair that were quite tall and had straps that sat above my ankles.

It was about 7:15 and I heard Ashton pull up in my drive way. I grabbed my purse, ready to answer the door. Shortly after, I heard a knock. I walked over to the door and opened it a bit slowly to create a sort of dramatic effect.

I caught Ashton looking me up and down, as I did to him. He was wearing a a plain grey shirt (oh wow), black ripped skinny jeans (ugh), a black beanie (can u not), a leather jacket (i see how it is) and of course he was looking damn fine (ohhh daddy).

"You look good." Ashton said confidently.

"Thanks! You too." He held out his arm, which I took. We walked into his car and started to drive off to the party.

We eventually pulled up next to a large, grey house that had music booming from inside. We walked inside, holding hands. Out of the crowd in front of us, came all of my girls with their arms linked, all except Ari. "Where is Ari?!" I yelled over the Green Day song that was playing. Paisley pointed over to a corner where I saw Ari talking to Calum. "Wow! I knew that they had some sort of thing going!" I called out.

"They did?!" Maddi asked.

"Yeah! It's kind of obvious if you have been hanging out with us for a while!" I explained. I needed to take a quick moment to acknowledge the outfit Violet had picked out that she didn't let me see before the party. It was light blue skinny jeans, white high heels and a white crop top that was decorated with light blue flowers.

"So, alcohol?!" I heard Ashton yell. I had to think for a second. Last time I got drunk, nothing bad really happened. Basically, to sum up the party, I had gotten alcohol on my dress and I ended up getting dirty with... oh. Luke.

Maybe this is a good way to get over him. "Sure!" I answered. We headed to a table outside the kitchen that was filled with bottles of all different types and cups of all different sizes. Ashton and I decided to go for a decent sized cup, so twice as big as a shot glass. I excitedly waited as Ashton poured for us both. I hope tonight goes well.

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