Falling for the Enemy

Nora and Luke are the most popular people in school. You'd think they'd get along, right? Nope. Nora gets a crush on Luke but freaks out because he's a player and of course she's supposed to hate his guts. But things get a bit different when Luke comes onto Nora and definitely gives her something to think about.


1. I hate you, Luke Hemmings

Nora's POV


"Luke!" I cheered when I saw him enter the gates of kindie garden. He was holding his mother's hand. His mom gave him his baby blue backpack. "Nora! Look who I brought!" He said unzipping his backpack and pulling out a big fluffy stuffed penguin. "Aw!" I said as he handed it over to me. "I just got him yesterday." He smiled. "Let's go play with him!" Luke suggested. I nodded and we ran onto the playground. "Luke, you're my best friend!"

"You're mine too." He said hugging me.

9 YEARS LATER -Flashback 2-

"Go away Luke! You're nothing but trouble. What ever happened to you?" I snapped.

"Haha. What ever happened to me? What do you mean?" Luke asked.

"Ok then, if nothing happened to you, then tell me, are we friends?"

"Haha no! You're a hoe!" He teased.

"Exactly. You're a different person. We used to be BEST FRIENDS, didn't that mean anything to you?!"

"When exactly were we "best friends"?" He asked.

"When we were four!" I said shoving him. He shoved me back causing a full on physical fight that left us with blood and bruises.

4 YEARS LATER -end of flashback-

I patiently wait in the school hallway for my best friend, Violet. Luke and his group pass me. "Nora Worth." He mumbled to me.

"Luke Hemmings." I mumbled back. Violet and the rest of our friends show up. "Hey girls!" I greeted. We were a group of 5 all together. There was me, Violet, Ari, Paisley and Bree. I guess you could say we were the most popular girls in school. We didn't have a leader like most popular girls would have. We were a different kind. Sure we're judge-y and a bitchy if someone got on our bad side, but we were never the type to start rumours just to embarrass someone, or to bully a helpless nerd. And then there were our rivals "The Bad Boys" of the school or whatever. Ashton, Calum, Michael, and their leader Luke. I hated Luke, and he hated me. Our rivalry caused our groups to hold grudges on each other. (Although I'm pretty sure Calum and Ari were having sex behind our backs.) I look over to a corner to see Luke practically swallowing a girl making me want to puke. I didn't find it gross, (because once in a while I'll make out with a stranger in public) but I just hated it when he'd hit it off with a girl. I know he'd go on one date with her, and then break her heart. I caught Ashton staring at me. He didn't look away when I made it obvious that I was staring back. I gave him a confused look, and in return he smirked at me. I looked away and just shook it off. The bell went and break time was over. I had science with Bree. We took our seats in science class. Luke walked through the door. "Damn it." I mumbled to myself. I was hoping he would skip class today, like he usually does, or at least come late so there wasn't an empty seat next to me. He plopped himself on the seat next to mine. "What do you want Hemmings." I muttered.

"Your body." He joked.

"Are we really doing this Luke? My body is not for sale."

"Well if it was, I'm sure it'll come at a cheap price."

"Well aren't you clever!" I said sarcastically.

"I know, you should see my grades." He bragged.

"What, straight Fs?"

"Actually, the teacher throws a couple of Ds in there sometimes." He laughed.

"Whatever, just don't bug me." I warned.

"Or what?" He asked putting his hand on my thigh. I slapped it off. "Don't touch me." I demanded.

"Again, or what?"

"Or I'll tell the teacher that you're molesting me."

"HA! You call that molesting?! You should've seen where I touched your mom last night."

"And here we go with the 'your mom' jokes." I mumbled loud enough for him to hear me. "Good afternoon class!" The teacher said as soon as he entered the classroom. "Luke Hemmings! Nice to see you in class!" The teacher said sarcastically.

"Disgusted to see you too!" Luke cheered causing the whole class to laugh.

"Silence!" The teacher demanded. "We'll be starting on our group projects today!" I looked over at Bree signalling her that we were going to work together. "I'll be asking you one by one who you would like to go with. If you get picked, then you can't say no." The teacher explained. My stomach flipped in fear. I really wanted to go with Bree, but that might not happen. "Andrew, who would you like to go with?" The teacher asked. Andrew's eyes widened. "Uh- uh... Casey?" He said blushing. "Ooh! Andrew has a thing for Casey!" Luke said loudly. I elbowed Luke hard as most of the class were giggling at his joke. "Right... Luke. Since you decided to talk, why don't you pick next?" The teacher hissed.

"Gladly." Luke looked around the room until his eyes met mine. I shook my head, trying so hard to send him a mental message to NOT pick me. "Uhhh... I think I'll pick Nora." He said with a smirk on his face. "Ok that's fine." The teacher agreed. I sank down in my chair letting out a sigh. After everybody was paired up, the teacher told us what the project was. "You'll be making a presentation on a type of pollution of your choice." Luke looked at me and gave me a look that said "I don't know what he's talking about". I rolled my eyes at him. Once the teacher stopped talking Luke straight away said "There's more than one type of pollution?" I face palmed. "How about we do ours on oil spills." I suggested.

"Sure, as long as you do the work, and I get the grades."

"No way. You're helping me with this."

"Why? I don't know anything of oil spills."

"I'll teach you!"

"Teaching me will be harder than just doing the project by yourself, you know."

"Fine." I mumbled.


Violet and I were talking by my locker. "Nora!" I hear behind me. I turn around to see Luke waving at me. "Oh god." I whispered to myself. He pushed me against my locker and leaned over me. "Nora, about the project." He began. "We should really work on it, you know." I sighed at his idea. Mostly because he was right. "But wait- didn't you say that I was going to do it on my own?" I realised.

"Yeah, well maybe I changed my mind!" He snapped.

"Ok! Calm your tits! When do you want to work on it?" I asked.

"Next week Friday, my place."

"Same address?"

"Yup." He said as he began to leave. "You've been to Luke's house before?!" Violet said in disbelief. "Yeah, we were best friends when we were little." I sighed.



I sat down in PE. I had no friends in this class. Luke had Ashton with him. It was unfair that Luke was such a jerk, but God still picked him over me to have a friend in gym class. People were chatting, but were then silenced by a whistle. "Right everyone! Let's do some push ups! Let's go!" The gym teacher yelled. I looked at Luke and Ashton doing push ups and not even breaking a sweat. I slowly got into the position to do girl push ups because I couldn't do real ones without falling on my face. "Ok everyone! 5 laps around the gym!!!" The gym teacher shouted. The gym teacher was too busy focussing on a clipboard to notice half of the class were just walking. As I was on my first lap, Luke and Ashton passed me on their 3rd lap. Ashton grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him. "Ashton!! Let go!! I'm going to fall!!!!" I screamed.

"FITNESS!!!" He yelled. I dug my heels into the floor and squatted down, using all my strength to stop him. He fell on top of me. He started to laugh. He was all sweaty, and it was kinda hot. People stared at us as they ran past. "Ashton get off!" I demanded as I tried to push him off. "Alright." He said getting up. He held out a hand offering to help me off the ground. I slowly reached out my hand narrowing my eyes at him. He quickly pulled me up. Luke stopped running. "What happened here?" He asked panting.

"We were running, and then Nora here pulled me on top of her." He answered.

"I didn't mean to!" I defended myself. Luke started to laugh. He was sweaty as well. "How come you guys are so sweaty?" I asked.

"Cuz we're guys." Ashton said.

"Oh, really?" I said raising my eyebrows.

"Want us to prove it?" Luke said grabbing his zipper. Scared that he was serious, I kept on running.


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