Falling for the Enemy

Nora and Luke are the most popular people in school. You'd think they'd get along, right? Nope. Nora gets a crush on Luke but freaks out because he's a player and of course she's supposed to hate his guts. But things get a bit different when Luke comes onto Nora and definitely gives her something to think about.


20. Epilogue Pt. 2


A/N: YOOO im back with PART TWO OF THE EPILOGUE !! thanks for commenting on the last two chapters! it means a lot that you guys have still been patient for them and support as much as you do! I love you and i hope u like PART 2, before I start this chapter I'd like to point something out that I wrote last year in this fanfiction that I'd like to apologise about. No one ever said anything about it, but I actually wrote in one of the chapters Nora calling another girl a slut. This wasn't ok because first of all even though Nora only thought it to herself, the girl did not give Nora permission to say that about her and Nora didn't even know her well enough to come to the conclusion that she was a slut. I took the term 'slut' so lightly last year and used it whenever. It's NOT ok to say that about some random especially if you don't know if it's true or not. I think every fandom is known for something. Directioners are crazy asf and will murder anyone who insults 1D, harmonizers tell everyone to kill themselves and the 5sos fam slut shames. I think we just need to calm the fuck down and just chill. I get that half of us don't like Bryana and over half of us don't like Arzaylea, I don't either, but it does not benefit you to hate on them in their comment section and call them a SLUT. There's no point and it just doesn't make us any better than they are. I'm sorry, I just needed to rant. I was just trying to say sorry, but then it turned into this whole lecture and READ ON.


"Hello, names please?" The security in front of the large door asked.

"Luke-" I stopped, waiting for Nora to tell the security her name, but looking over at her I saw all her attention was drawn to our little girl, Melony as Nora cradled her. "and Nora."

The security flipped through paper on a clip board, nodding to a man in a suit behind him. "Follow him." The security ordered.

We walked through the door as the man in the suit led us past tables. "Did you say your name was Luke and Nora?" He asked as I nodded. "Well, your seats should be here, then." He looked down at a small map of the hall, pointing to a round table.

"Ok, thank you." I said as we sat down at the table, Nora placing Melony carefully in a high chair.

A few minutes passed before the wedding began and out came the bride, walking down the isle to the small stage to join Ashton.

Her name was Annie and it seemed that her and Ashton were perfect for each other.


They balanced each other out so well, there was just no way Ashton couldn't wait any longer to propose to her. It just had to happen.

Michael was still with Hannah, I was engaged to Nora, Ashton was getting married to Annie and Calum... he swimming in all that pussy. He's still having fun with being famous at the moment. He hasn't had a chance to commit to a relationship, but he does want something more serious one day than his one night stands that he has all the time.

Of course Calum and Ari had a thing, but they called it off when Calum told her that he was going on tour. One day they'll probably get back together, though.

After the long boring part of the vows and the blah blah that only seemed to entertain Ashton and Annie, we finally got to just chill.

"Ashton! So you're like, married!" I cheered as he hopped off the stage.

"Ye. It's weird, it's like... I feel more free than before, even though technically I'm less free. I just really love her I guess." He explain.

"No, I get it." I assured him. Nora had gone off with Melony in her arms and was now talking to Hannah and Annie. It was quite sad, but Nora and Violet, though they were best friends since the age of 9, they were no longer friends.

All Nora told me was that Violet said something unforgivable but she never went into detail about it. Nora never actually confronted Violet about what she said, but decided to keep it to herself instead and just block Violet out.

"You should go be with Annie." I suggested.

"Yeah, I'll go get her, and you can be with Nora." Ashton wiggled his eyebrows.

"What are you wiggling your eyebrows about? It's you're wedding, you guys are the ones who will be doing the fucking tonight." I laughed.

"Luke! Don't- Shhhhh!" Ashton said awkwardly.

I laughed and went to get Nora. "Oh hey Lukey!" She said cheerfully as I approached her.

"I didn't come to say hi to you, I just wanted to see Melony." I joked.

She rolled her eyes. "You can change her diaper then, if you want." She passed Melony over to me.

"Ew ew ew. Did she shit herself?" I squirmed.

"No, I was just kidding, and no swearing in front of the baby!" She demanded.

"Nora telling me not to swear in front of the baby part 57,987." I sighed.

"Shut up." She huffed.

"No swearing in front of the baby!" I cried.

"What the fuck?! Shut up isn't a swear wo-"

"Nora!" I screeched, trying my best to push her buttons.

"Ok, Luke. I think you should give her back to me now." She insisted, holding her arms out.

"No way." I refused.

"Before you drop her." She added.

"Yeah, you're right." I agreed, passing her back to Nora. Melony looked around confused at her surroundings.

"I should've brought a stroller." She sighed.

As the hours passed, it was time to go home. Nora and I managed to both stay sober which was unusual for weddings.

"Nora?" I spoke as we were in the car, Nora driving. "Do you think Melony is okay?"

"What do you mean?" She asked. (pls no, not the justin bieber references. not now. im not ready)

"I mean being on tour all the time. She's only 14 months old." I told her.

"She's strong, don't you think? She seems to be happy." Nora answered.

"You're right. I just wasn't sure if we had a baby at the right time. Of course, we're both ready to be parents, but I don't know if she's ready to come into the world yet." I said.

Nora didn't say anything, she just nodded, keeping her eyes on the road that was lit by headlights.

"Do you think she's ready?" I asked quietly.

"Yeah... I think so." She replied.

We remained silent for the rest of the car ride, eventually arriving home. We were back in Australia because Ashton and Annie decided that's where they wanted their wedding, so everyone got to sleep in their own beds.

We put Melony in her cot before getting into bed ourselves.

"I love you, Luke." Nora whispered, wrapping her arms around me as I did the same.

"I love you too. Goodnight." I whispered.

"Luke?" She asked.


"Have we- never mind. Goodnight."



A/N: SO THAT'S IT!! I hope u guys have noticed that not only have the characters matured, but so have I. I know it's only been nearly a year since I started this (I started it on 7th December 2014!! Almost been 1 year!), but I guess i just see things clearer now. Seriously though, DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL? No one ever asks questions and i am generally concerned. PLEASE ASK! IM ALWAYS BORED! Anywayyyy, yeah! Thanks for supporting me! Even when Luke and Nora almost used a sock for a condom! Oh, and sorry about that whole thing with Violet. The reason I made Nora and Violet split up is because Violet is actually based off a real life person who used to be my best friend since the age of 9 until, of course as it says in the story, she said something unforgivable. She's just not all that you see on the surface. She's really insensitive and I guess she needs help to know when she's taken it too far. K thx ilysm BYE!!!!!!!! BLAAHGG OMG THE FEELS!!

And I want you to want me this way, and I need you to need me to stay -If You Don't Know

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