Falling for the Enemy

Nora and Luke are the most popular people in school. You'd think they'd get along, right? Nope. Nora gets a crush on Luke but freaks out because he's a player and of course she's supposed to hate his guts. But things get a bit different when Luke comes onto Nora and definitely gives her something to think about.


19. Epilogue Pt. 1


In case you don't know what an epilogue is, this is just so you know what happens after the story ends. It helps the reader understand what happens after the story has finished and what their future looks like. If you want to imagine the future for yourself, THEN DON'T READ. I hope you guys like it!! :-)


I woke up, the air damp and cold around me. It was early in the morning. Too early.

I felt emptier than the empty space in the bed next to me. I reached over to my nightstand, grabbing my phone.

Unknown number: I'm sorry

Nora: sorry, who is this?

Of course I knew it was Luke, I just wanted him to know that I was moving on.

Unknown number: you deleted me from your contacts. I should've known. Please add me again?

I sighed and did as he asked me. I'll delete it again later.

Nora: done

Luke: thank you

Luke: Nora?

Luke: Nora please text back

Luke: I'm so sorry

Luke: I was drunk

Luke: Nora I'll do anything

Luke: I love you

Luke: please take me back

Nora: Luke

Luke: yes?

Nora: STOP

Luke: NORA


Nora: don't Luke, please stop

Luke: I love you more than Michael

Nora: do you love me more than Arzaylea?


Luke: I'm sorry if I came off as aggressive

Nora: you did

Luke: come outside pls

Nora: nah

Luke: Nora I know you can't afford this place on your own. Come on tour with me, I'll make it all better. We can meet the fans together and you can come to my concerts and I'll give you mosh pit tickets

Nora: I don't want to go to your shitty concerts

Luke: you don't have to, just please come outside

I put my phone down and closed my eyes, trying to fall back asleep. It was true I couldn't afford this place. I was broke and I didn't even like this house. I just needed to move out when I found out Luke cheated on me with Arzaylea.

5SOS had gotten big, and when I say big, I mean on the cover of magazines big. Going to play at Wembley Arena big. Had their song hit #1 on the charts big. I heard about them everywhere even though I did my best to ignore them and ignore my phone that was constantly vibrating from beside me.

I finally got up, not bothering to see if I looked presentable and went to the front door. Luke was sitting on the ground with flowers in his hands. Pansies to be exact. He hurriedly stood up holding the flowers out to me.

"Pansies." I nodded as I hesitantly accepted the flowers.

"Violet told me they're your favourite." Luke nervously smiled.

"You've... never given me flowers before." I said confused.

"I know. And I should've. Nora, I'm so sorry. I'll get you flowers everyday if it means you'll take me back." Luke begged.

"Luke, I don't want flowers everyday. You shouldn't have done that. You shouldn't have even thought about it, even if you were drunk."

"But Nora, I didn't think about it. I just did it. It's like my brain just blocked out all thoughts. Nora, I don't love Arzaylea. I don't even like her. I want you. Please?" Luke looked at me with the most apologetic eyes, I knew he regretted what he had done more than anything else.

Memories came back of when we were in high school and he wanted to prove himself to me, but I decided that I straight away I wanted to give him a chance. Not even now do I regret that decision. He's been such a big change in my life and helped me get away from my parents. I still love him.

"I forgive you." I whispered. Luke immediately picked me up and kissed me, stopping suddenly to look me in the eyes.

"Is this ok?" He asked softly. I nodded, assuring him it was ok to continue and this is what I wanted.

"I can show you the world." He told me.

A/N: ayyyye it's an Aladdin party all up in here. So idk if the last two chapters actually updated?? I hope you like the first part of the epilogue. I'm going to make a part two of the epilogue that will be about when they're a bit older!! This is about a year after they graduated high school so they're a bit more mature now. PLEASE COMMENT IF THE NEW CHAPTERS ARE COMING UP FOR YOU! BYE!

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