Falling for the Enemy

Nora and Luke are the most popular people in school. You'd think they'd get along, right? Nope. Nora gets a crush on Luke but freaks out because he's a player and of course she's supposed to hate his guts. But things get a bit different when Luke comes onto Nora and definitely gives her something to think about.


14. A note ✏️

Author's Note: Sorry guys! I don't know if this chapter is decently sized I just really needed to getting something out for u guys. School has just been an absolute bum hole and I just wanna DROP OUT but I won't have a future if I do 😞

Luke's POV

I jogged down the hallway with Nora in my sight. "Nora! Wait!" I called out. I saw her stop and turn around.

"Will you tell me now?" She asked.

"I can't. Just um... come to my place after school and I'll tell you. There's too many people around right now." I told her.

"Ok, I understand. I think I should go talk to Ashton." She sighed.

" N






ᴼ "


"Good luck trying to find him. Calum told me he left school." I told her.

"What?! I'm going to his house now." She exclaimed.

"Well if you're going, I'm going with." I demanded.

"Fine. We're stopping by my house first so I can drop off my stuff."

We went to her locker and she collected her purse and we left on my motorbike.

We stopped outside her house and we went into her room where she put down her purse.

"Luke, whilst we're still here, can you tell me now?" She asked. I agreed and we sat on her bed.

"Ok, so I've got..." I paused and exhaled a breath I didn't know I was holding in. I decided that telling her wouldn't be easy so I decided to show her.

I looked in my pockets and found the folded up paper that I received about a month ago.

I passed it to her and watched as she carefully unfolded and skimmed through the somewhat neatly written words, her facial expression getting more upset by every line she read. She finally put down the note and looked back up at me.

"Luke, you don't have to do what Aleisha says. We can easily file a report." She said in a soft voice.

"Aleisha didn't write that." I corrected.

"Wait, so you don't know who did?" She asked with concern in her tone. I slowly shook my head. Nora let out a deep sigh. "Let's just um... go to Ashton's house now." Her voice shook slightly as she placed her hands by her sides, onto the bed, and pushed herself up.

I did as she did and we left to Ashton's house.

We got off my motorbike and Nora ran straight to open the door, which was locked. She sighed and started to knock as I joined with slamming my fists against the door. No one answered and I had then remembered the key in the top hidden section of their mailbox.

"Ashton?!" Nora called out through his house as soon as I opened the door. We walked down the hallway slowly as she carried on calling for his name.

We searched the whole house. The bathroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the living room, the garden and the hallway. No one was home.

We decided to go back to her house to wait and go back later. As soon as we got back, I noticed Nora had an uneasy look on her face. Her attention was directed to her house.

Before I could look over to what Nora was looking at, she was already off the bike and headed to her front door, which I then knew it was mysteriously left open.

I followed after her into her house, but made sure I kept quiet as she was doing exactly that. She turned around to face me when we reached the bathroom that had the dining room right around the corner.

"Ok, I'm going to look around the corner." She whispered. As she was doing that, mumbling was evident down the hallway.

Nora turned to face me once again. "Come on." She sighed, grabbing my wrist and dragging me down the hallway.

We stopped outside a tall white door that had quiet talking coming from the other end. "I know that voice," Nora whispered. I hadn't taken the time to identify the voices, one of which was louder than the other one.

Nora suddenly had burst into the room. "What are you doing out of school?!" A lady yelled, which I then had recognised as her mother when I entered the room along with Nora.

"What are you doing out of work?!" Nora yelled back.

"I have to do something important!" Her mom answered.

"Which is?" Nora asked.

"That's none of your business." Her mom mumbled. "Now get back to school!"

"Not until you tell me who you were talking to. Where did you hide him?"

"I said, get back to school." She demanded through gritted teeth.

"Nora!!" Screaming came from a closet that was built into the wall. The doors shook and the sound of banging filled the room. Nora shot her mom a glare before running to the closet and practically ripping it open, revealing a terrified-looking Ashton.

"Ash?" I call out from behind Nora.

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