Falling for the Enemy

Nora and Luke are the most popular people in school. You'd think they'd get along, right? Nope. Nora gets a crush on Luke but freaks out because he's a player and of course she's supposed to hate his guts. But things get a bit different when Luke comes onto Nora and definitely gives her something to think about.


4. A deal

I nervously got ready to go to Luke's house. Today, like any other day, Luke has been annoying as fuck. He didn't make any sex jokes though. Probably saving those for tonight. I pulled on my knitted teal jumper and light blue jeans. I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard, so I don't wear jewellery. Luke said he'd pick me up instead. I hear him pull up in my driveway. I quickly run to the door and wait for him to knock. I heard the knock and waited a few seconds before opening the door. "C'mon fat ass, get on the bike." I looked behind him to see that he came on a motor bike, only making me feel more butterflies in my stomach. He didn't give me a helmet, making me a bit scared. He wasn't wearing one either. "Hold onto me." He instructed. I put my hands on his shoulders. "Do you want to fall off? Put your hands lower!" He demanded. I rani my hands down to his waist. "Use your whole arms, genius." He said sarcastically. I practically started hugging him. I squeezed my eyes shut when he started up the bike.


I walked into Luke's room. It looked so much different from when I last saw it. "Ok, so let's start on the project." I suggested.

"You really thought I meant "work on the project" when I said it?" He laughed.

"Errr... yeah?"

"No, honey." He said.

"LUCAS!" I shouted.

"Yeah?" He asked getting closer to me.

"If you think I'm having sex with you, then you're wrong!!"

"Am I?" He asked putting his hand on my hip. He pulled me onto his bed, falling on top of me. He put his hand under my shirt. It tickled. "Luke, get your hand out of there." I moaned. His hand reached up for my bra. He slipped his hand under that too. "No Luke."

"If you don't want me to do it, then why don't you stop me?" He asked grinning.

"Please, Luke." I was too mentally weak to physically stop him. He started to make out with me. I let him slip his tongue into my mouth. I felt him unclip my bra. As his tongue climbed down my throat, I reminded myself that Luke was just another player, and that I'd just get hurt. I forcefully pushed him away from me. "Luke, I told you no." Luke looked at me slightly shocked.

"I know you want me." He said bringing his lips close to mine once again. I pushed him off of me completely. "Luke I can't."


"Why?! Because you're a player!" If you want to have sex with me, then here's some advice: Stop having sex with other girls!" I yelled.

"Wait, are you serious?"

"What do you mean am I serious?"

"If I completely stop flirting with other girls, or anything past that, would you go out with me?" He asked.

"Uhhh... sure?" I responded. Luke's eyes widened.

"I'll do it." I was surprised he agreed to giving up his precious sex for me.

"Ok. No sex or anything else with other girls for 2 weeks, and then I'll trust you. However, the deal does not go the same way for me. So if I wanna have sex, I'm gonna." I explained. Luke's eyes slightly saddened and he looked down. He's not gonna last a day.


The next day

I drove to Bree's place for the sleepover. I rung her doorbell. Bree and Ari answered the door. "Hay gurl hay!" Bree said hugging me. "Hi!" I answered back.

"Violet is already here." Bree mentioned. And as that, I ran into Bree's room to find Violet. I hugged her as tight as I could. "I have to talk to you in private." I whispered in her ear. We walked into the bathroom and locked the door. "So what's up?" Violet asked.

"Oh my gosh. I think Luke actually likes me." I quickly said.

"I wouldn't trust that, Nora."

"He's agreed to not have sex with any other girl just to prove that he's not a player. If he doesn't have sex with any girls for 2 weeks, I have to be his girl friend." At first Violet looks shocked, but then lowers her eyebrows. "How would you know if he's had sex with another girl or not?" She asked. She's so right.

"I'll figure something out with him on Monday." I answered. We go back into Bree's bedroom. Paisley and Maddi were here now. "Hey, where have you two been?" Bree asked.

"Oh, you know, comparing bra sizes." Violet joked. We all laughed, all except Ari. "I don't get it..." Ari said. Yeah, she's not the smartest.

"Hey, let's watch Mean Girls?" Paisley suggested. We all nodded.

"What's Mean Girls?" Maddi asked. "You'll find out." Violet assured her patting her on the back. Bree popped Mean Girls in the DVD player and we all snuggled together on her giant circle bed. After the movie finished, Maddi had her mouth wide open. "Those girls are so mean!" She cried.

"Yeah, we know." We all said giggling.

"Hey guys... what if we like made a Burn Book like in the movie." Ari suggested.

"What?! That's mean!" Maddi protested.

"It's not mean if we don't say the burns to their faces!" Violet pointed out.

"Ok... fine." Maddi agreed. Bree went into her draw and pulled out a pink book decorated with love hearts. She wrote BURN BOOK onto it with vivid. "Who should we burn first?" Bree giggled opening the book.

"Luke Hemmings! Nora can write for him first. I'm sure she has plenty to say!" Paisley said giggling. My head jerked to look at Violet. She was looking right back at me. Her dark blue eyes were wide open. "Uhh... maybe later?" I said unsure. The rest of the girls all looked at each other in confusion. "Let's do this whole 'Burn Book' thing later and give each other make overs." Violet suggested.

"Make overs? Me first!!" Maddi cheered. We all looked at each other in excitement.


"Whoa! Get that thing away from my beautiful blue eyes!" Maddi demanded.

"It's just an eyelash curler!" I said.

"Please be careful!" She advised. I couldn't wait for us to show her what she looked like after the make over.

"Ok done!" Violet said.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Can you guys do my make up everyday?!" She cheered. We all laughed. Next it was Paisley's turn. I took a front section of her very light brown hair and braided it and pinned it on the back of her head. Maddi kind of stood aside, not knowing what to do.


We all only wore sports bras and girl boxers when it was time to fall asleep. We do this at every sleepover, and then we fall asleep cuddling. The next day I went home and just collapsed on my bed from a tiering night. I let out a sigh and plugged my earplugs in. I listen to Ariana Grande. I here a faint knock at the door. I paused the song and unplugged the earplugs to hear who was at the door. I hear my mom open the door and greet the person at the door. My heart stopped when I heard Luke's voice answer her. "NORA, A BOY IS AT THE DOOR FOR YOU." She yelled.

"LET HIM IN!" I yelled back. Luke then walked into my room. His eyes suddenly widened. "What?" I asked confused. He didn't say anything back. I looked down and realised I was only wearing a sports bra and black ripped skinny jeans. "Haha. Oh whoops." I laughed. I got up to put on more clothes, but then was pulled in by Luke. He wrapped his arms around my waist. He started to kiss my neck, and I let him. His lips slowly moved up. When his lips met mine, I pushed away. "Nice try, Mr. Bad boy!" I teased. At this point, I really wanted to test him. I pulled off my sports bra right in front of him, revealing my whole breast. He was practically drooling. I then put on a padded bra, and a tight hot pink shirt on top. "C'mon babe, don't tease me." He moaned.

"I never said you could call me babe!" I said laughing.

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