Dear Meadow // H. Styles

In which Harry writes letters to his dead girlfriend.


9. Letter 9

Dear Meadow,

Today marks the first month that Four has been out and we've sold over a million albums. The boys have been giving me my share of the money since I'm still in the album even though I'm not in the band. I still think you would've loved the album.

I learned that Niall and Hannah broke up because she kissed another guy at a party and now Hi all is starting to look all sad. I wish I could be there for him like he was for me whenever you died. Perrie and Zayn finally set a date for the wedding, not a specific date but it works. It's going to be sometime in May 2016. I know Zayn will probably leave by 2018 so they could be together. Liam told me he's thinking about proposing to Sophia and Louis is still going steady with Eleanor. I wish you were here to see this. It's amazing how much they're okay. They get off tour soon and I can't wait because I'll finally be able to go out drinking without Mum being worried about me.

Love always,

Harry xxx

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