Dear Meadow // H. Styles

In which Harry writes letters to his dead girlfriend.


7. Letter 7

Dear Meadow,


I'm okay I guess. I decided to come back home after a week of being gone. Mum and Gemma were mad. Today we got the big enevelope from NYU. I had been accepted.

Im going to be sad because I wont be near your grave anymore, but I promise to visit during the breaks. I still have until next August until the school year starts, thats a whole ten months are so. I promise not to forget you, ever.

I have to admit, I dream about you and that auburn haired girl alot. She looked so much like you. She had a round face like Eleanor's. I'm sorry for dreaming about her, you'll always be my #1. I miss you Meadow.

Why did you leave me?


Love always,

Harry xxx

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