Dear Meadow // H. Styles

In which Harry writes letters to his dead girlfriend.


5. Letter 5

Dear Meadow,

Today Four came out and I think you'd like most of the songs on it. My personal favorites are Night Changes and Fool's gold.

Im sorry it's been a while since I wrote you but i've been busy with a real job. I decided to quit One Direction and they made me do one last concert with them. They called it Harry's Goodbye. Some of the friends were crying and at the meet and greet some of them even told me they understood why I was leaving.

My plans are to make enough money to afford New York state University. I know its no Oxford but it's good enough. We both know that I am smart enough to keep up with the Americans. I think I might go into Journalism.

My last concert was in New York, and I loved it. There was a girl with the same shade of hair as you - auburn. I've always have had a thing for girls with auburn hair. She was at the meet and greet and smiled at me. She reminded me so much of you. I think im going to like New York if I move there for Uni.The girl also looked like Eleanor in the face it was hard to believe, even Louis was looking at her, but she's mine.

I sound so cheesey.

Right now i'm at Mum's flat and Gemma is trying to make me watch Christmas movies. I know what you'd say, "Why do you watch Christmas movies? Its November, sheesh." So for your sake, im not going to watch any Christmas movies until December.

Love always,

Harry xxx

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