Dear Meadow // H. Styles

In which Harry writes letters to his dead girlfriend.


3. Letter 3

Dear Meadow,

Today is your birthday. I can't believe your not here to celebrate your 20th birthday. If you were here we would probably be out partying, instead im the only one actually celebrating. Mum says your probably in heaven having the time of your life, once again I dont believe her because I know you are probably watching over me.

Louis says happy birthday and that he misses your smile. Eleanor says that she misses her best friend and wishes that you were here. We all wish you were here. You were so loved and adored, I dont know how that guy could've killed someone so beautiful and kind.

Today they caught him and instantly sentenced him to life in prison because his fingerprints were the only ones on the murder weapon. His name is Jeffery Adams. The name doesnt sound like a killer but he is one and I will never forgive him. God will never forgive him.

I suppose its time to tell you what I got you for your birthday - a necklace. I know its cliche and overused but you already had everything you needed, including me.

Love always,

Harry xxx

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