Dear Meadow // H. Styles

In which Harry writes letters to his dead girlfriend.


1. Letter 1

Song for the chapter - 18 by One Direction

Dear Meadow,


It has been a week since you died and nothing makes sense anymore. The birds dont sing in the morning since you died, and there's not a single drop of color left in the world. Mum says your in a better place now but I dont want to believe that because you were better here. Its not fair how you died. I wish that guy who stabbed you in the alley would get caught already. It wasn't fair.

Louis has been there for me, in ways that you could never imagine. All of the guys have. Even the fans have showed support. You were the only girlfriend they ever liked. Gemma keeps reminding me that your birthday is next week and I promise to get you flowers since you cant have the present i bought you (I still wont tell you what it is).

Love always,

Harry xxx

This story was inspired by Dear Dad, and my own real life tradgedy. A couple of months ago my twin sister Brooke was alive. She had a boyfriend named Harry and she died in a car wreck one day. I do not have any intentions on stealing anyone's story. If I enjoy writing these letters I may write a sequel about Harry getting over Meadow. This book does not mean I will stop writing Dead. Love you all.

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