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3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two



Summer was over. The long days of being able to do what I want were gone, and instead replaced by days full of headaches and teenage couples making out on my locker. Thank god it's senior year, but its only the first day. I don't need to be getting my hopes up to high for a normal year. I just hoped this year would be a normal one, me being alone in the halls casually seeing Dakota and Lilian between classes, and at lunch we'd all sit together, in the way back, where nobody but us goes, and we'd talk about breathtaking books, movies, and the day's class assignments. I don't know what i'd do if my  normal routine was taken away from me.

I sighed as my alarm went off and I got up from the bed. I usually don't get any sleep at night, nightmares haunt me and I sleep terrible each time I drift off, even during naps. The nightmares started when I was six, after my real father killed my mum. Then killed himself. Ever since then I had nightmares, or replays of that night. When Kimberly and Walter adopted me i was eight. They tried their best to help the bad dreams, even sent me to therapy. They even adopted my sister,  Heather, who was ten, in hopes that she would calm me down by being in the same room. But now that she was at college somewhere in Ireland, they started back up again. I turned on my light and took in my room. The fancy blue bed with covers so fluffy I choose to only sleep with my blanket, the posters of my favorite bands, The Fray, Coldplay, things like that, the desk that sits in a corner of my large room with a white dell laptop, the blue furry rug, and my cat, Darcy,  sleeping on her white bed. I walked over to my closet door and opened it, and walked into the walk in closet. I don't know why Kim and Walter would want to spend all that money on me, i'm not even their own. Though when people laugh at me for being adopted I tell them that I was chosen and that their parents are stuck with them, learned it from a picture I saw on tumblr. Heather left some of her clothes to me in hopes I would wear them. I grabbed a Imagine Dragons shirt and a pair of my skinny jeans. I got dressed in my closet and put my converse on. I sighed looking at myself in the body mirror. I took a hairband from my wrist and put my hair up in a ponytail. I grabbed my bag from my closet shelf, it was already full of my school supplies. I checked my phone it hopes that Louis would want to talk again. I knew it would end sometime, he wasn't mine. He stopped talking to me a week ago and already i've started going crazy. I am a really clingy person, even though I don't like strangers. Though it still hurt me how he randomly just dropped me.

"Morning sunshine." Walter smiled brightly, his one dimple appearing through his facial hair. I smiled sweetly at him. Kim kissed my cheek with a smile on her face.

"Breakfast is on the table." She said. I nodded and walked to our dining room, and just like she said, a plate of strawberry pancakes was at my usual spot. I sat down in the chair and began digging into the pancakes and I could hear the TV blaring the news talking about Queen Elizabeth. When I was finished i put my plate in the dishwasher and grabbed my keys from the counter. "Bye mum, bye dad." I waved to them smiling, I didn't dare call them Kim and Walter aloud. "Bye Sweetie!" Kim said waving cheerfully. "Bye Everlee." Walter said "Have a good day at school."

It was six and it was a forty five minute drive to get to Starbucks with traffic, so me, Dak and Lil would have plenty of time to hangout and get our schedule. For some reason Dakota didn't answer my text last night. Another person to add to my list of people ignoring me. Or me annoying them. I got in my small car. The drive didn't seem long thanks to Imagine Dragons playing amazing songs.

I got out and swiftly walked into the small Starbucks leaving my bag in my car. When I got in Lilian was sitting by herself. When I sat down she had a big frown on her face.

"Where's Dakota?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Dakota has a boyfriend, and you wouldn't believe who it is." she said with her thick Australian accent, and sighed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dakota walking in holding hands with Liam Payne. I sighed and felt the frown grow on my face.

"That's why she wouldn't answer our text." I mumbled and played with the lid on the coffee Lilian ordered me.

"Yep." Lilian sighed.

"Things wont be the same without her. I thought we made a promise, no boy was to ever get in our way."

"Well, things apparently changed for her, he's not that bad anyway. At least he's one of the good guys in his group."

"He's the only good guy in his group," I remind her.

"What about Niall?"

"He sleeps around." I hiss.

"Oh," she said seeming disappointed. "Well he's sane, and normal, so we should be glad that she found someone like that. I just hope he wont leave her when she leaves for her dancing school thingy."

"Yeah." I said, slightly laughing at Lilian for her lack of knowledge on Dakota's future. "C'mon we gotta go." Together we got up and walked out of the coffee shop, and I noticed the look of sadness on Dakota's face as she turned to meet us at our table with her coffee in hand, but then remembered that she was there with Liam.

The drive to school was silent, despite the radio playing Union J, ew. When we got there people were just getting into school. In the halls, teachers were asking their names and directing them to their homeroom. I walked up to the counselor.

"Everlee Cameron." I said.

The counselor nodded, and flipped the paper finding my name. "Room one hundred forty, Mr. Gilbert." Great, math. I walked down the hall to Mr. Gilbert's room as Lilian was told that she had choir for homeroom. I walked into the small classroom and mentally cursed the system that randomized our classes. Louis and Zayn Malik were in my class, and the only seat left was right in between them. I sighed and took the seat. Louis glanced at me quickly before looking back up to the front of the room where Mr. Gilbert, who looked about forty, and had grey hair.

"Good morning class, I am Mr. Gilbert, I will be your math teacher for the year." He said, his voice deep. "Since it's the first day of school, I will be nice and not give you any pop quizzes. But first let me hand out your schedule." He picked up a stack of white papers on his desk.

"Benjamin Aaron?" He asked, and a guy in the back with blonde hair and green eyes raised his hand.

"Rebekah Banes?" A girl with red hair and green eyes raised her hand.

"Hannah Bess?" A girl with purple hair raised her hand.

"Cody Bradford?" A boy with sandy hair raised his hand.

"Everlee Cameron?" I raised my hand. He smiled and gave me my sdchule.

Name: Everlee Joan Cameron DOB: 7/16/96 Sex: F

Prd.  Name      Subj      Time        Rm #
1st. Gilbert    Math         7:00 - 8:00      140
2nd. James      P.E          8:00 - 9:00      208
3rd. Kendrick   SS          9:00 - 10:00    103
4th. Xavier        DM         10:00 - 11:00   214
5th. Free           Free        11:00 - 11:30   Free
6th. Ford          French     11:30 - 12:30   299
                30 MINUTE LUNCH
7th. Dean        Science    1:00 - 2:00    305

What a very sick schedule.




Hey Guys! I hope this chapter pleases you!  I worked very hard on it so please dont judge me. Anyways, please continue reading and comment and vote!

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