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❝I think I like the idea of us.❞


4. Chapter Three

Haaaiiii just wanted to let you guys know, this chapter may be short. Giving you guys something as a gift for getting You and I 150 reads and The Keepers: The Last Guardian to 70!  Love you All! Xoxo - Ash

Chapter Three



Louis was in all of my classes. Even second period gym where we played basket ball in our normal clothes. Third period social studies was the worst, we had a surprise quiz on the history of England and he sat right next to me, only glancing up at me for a quick second when I got up to turn in my test. In digital media, he was two computers down from me much to my dismay. In free period we both went to the libary, I left ten minutes after free period started to go get my lunch from taco bell. In French he surprised me by already knowing half of the words Mr. Ford said. He sat in the front of the lunch room during lunch and our eyes met as I took a bite of my burrito, for a awkward twenty five point five seconds. And in science, he became my lab partner much to my dismay.

"Everlee?" He whispered.

"Yeah?" I turned my head to him, today his facial hair was darker, and he was wearing a green short sleeved shirt showing his tattoo's on his arm. I could see the words 'It Is What It Is' written in cursive tattooed just below his collar bone. His blue eyes were filled with sadness as he looked at me.

"I'm sorry....I didn't mean to ignore you." He frowned and rubbed his neck. By busy, i expected he meant sleeping with drunk girls at parties.

"Its okay, I guess." I shrugged and turned my head back to the old fashioned TV Mrs. Dean had put in the room for us to watch a movie on insect cells. Louis started twisting his pen in between his fingers.

"Go out with me this weekend so I could make it up to you?" He asked smiling brightly.


"I want to take you out, to show how sorry I am for ditching you." He shrugged, still smiling, it lit up his eyes like London during night.

"Oh, um, okay I guess." I said shrugging. He smiled and turned back to the TV.

"I'll text you the details on Friday." He winked.





Hi guys! Sorry for the SUPER short chapter, but hey, its better then nothing. Have a wonderful day!!! Xxx - Ash

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