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11. Chapter Ten

Might be the last chapter you guys! Prepare to cry! - Ash


Chapter Ten



Weeks fly by and its Halloween. Everlee has dressed up as a cute little kitten, and I....a unicorn. We decided on September first, that we we're officially going to date. And I enjoyed every moment of it. People in school were skeptical at first, but got used to us holding hands in the hall and snogging against lockers.

Everlee and I had sex a total of six times, and she was getting pretty good at it. Those days, I remembered the condom.

Belle of course, being the bitch she was back then, spread some rumors that the only reason I was with Everlee was because she was pregnant. We proved her wrong by shoving one of Everlee's pads in her face.

People still bullied Everlee, and she was getting depressed from it. Seeing the girls snicker in the hallway, seeing them laugh and point at her, the only thing I saw, was how she seemed more and more sad each passing day.

The days we were alone, she was bright and happy. Right now, she was somewhere in between as she skipped from house to house, me walking after her, gathering candy. She smiled at all of the little kids that passed by us, and kissed me softly when we walked to Liam's Halloween party.

She gave the same kiss when I dropped her off at her house at midnight, and turned her head back to me, with sadness in her eyes, then walked into her house.

That was the last time I would see Everlee Cameron.

That same night, she would receive hate from people at school, and while her parents we're sleeping, she would grab a knife from the kitchen.

She would go to the bathroom, the place where she decided to do it, and cut her wrist vertically and deeply.

Her body would eventually stop trying to heal the large cut and let it bleed out. She would be dead within two hours. In the morning, her mother would find her laying on the floor, pale and cold. Her mother would call the ambulance, that would pronounce her dead.

And at ten in the morning, I would get a call, saying my girlfriend killed herself.

On our second month.

On the following Monday, our school would have a moment of silence for Everlee Cameron, like they cared.

Belle would try to apologize to me like she did care, and I would just ignore her.

Nobody could ever be truly sorry for taking away the light in my life.


-December 24th, 2014-

"Happy birthday Louis!" Lottie said happily. I smiled lightly and walked passed her, mumbling a thank you.

The wood floor was cold on my feet, but I didn't mind, I was numb anyways. On the dining room table, laid a small box and a letter with my name on it. In Everlee's handwriting.

With numb fingers, I opened the letter.


Dear Louis,

Happy birthday! Today you are offically older than me ha ha. I suck at writing these things. If your reading this letter, it means that i'm not there to celebrate you being a old man. I'm sorry. Sometimes the bad guys do win. Not everyone has their happy ending, and it hurts me that we didn't. I love you alot Louis. And nobody can ever put that feeling into words. Move on Louis, find someone who isn't as fragile as me. Find someone that can take all the hate in the world. You will always mean so much to me Louis. Tell Gemma I said "Hi.", tell your mum i'm sorry I never met her. Tell Lottie that she will date Matt Brian one day. Tell Daisy and Phoebe I will miss their hugs. Tell my mum I'm sorry, and my dad. Tell Heather , if you ever meet her, that I love her. Tell Lilian and Dakota I will miss them. But most of all Louis, tell yourself that you will find someone else.

- Everlee xxxx

P.S: I leave you my heart.

When I opened the box, I found a chain, with a heart chain attached to it. Engraved in the heart was her full name written in cursive. On the back of the heart was engraved, 'I love you.'

I put the necklace on, and never took it off.


-March 3rd, 2017-


Eventually I would move on.

On New Year's Eve, I would meet a girl by the name of Gabrielle. She would have bright green eyes, blonde hair, and dimples. She would be a perfect five foot five, and good at kissing. Two months months later, I would ask her to date me.

She would accept and we'd date for six months before I proposed.

On August fourth twenty-fifteen, we would marry in a small wedding. And a week later, we would find out she was a month pregnant.

At five months it, we would find out it was twins, a boy and a girl and decide to name them Darius Samuel Tomlinson and Veronica Jane Tomlinson.

On April eleventh twenty-sixteen, the twins would be born.

And on that same day I would visit her grave, blabber to her about how cute Veronica is and how we named her after her.

And during that moment, I would meet Heather Cameron.

She would be beautiful and sad that her sister is gone, but cheerful and funny.

When it would be time to go, I would say goodbye and never see her again.

A year later, I would meet her new husband while dropping the twins off at daycare, along with her newborn daughter.

Her name would be Everlee Jane Maverick.

And that night, I would cry myself to sleep, thinking of the life I could've had with her, if Everlee hadn't of been so sad.


So its over oh my gosh. I just wanted to let you guys know, writing this book has been a great experience for me! I love you all! I'd like to thank my brother Embry, his girlfriend Jennifer, and all of my fans for supporting me! Love you all!

- Ash



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