Us // L. Tomlinson

❝I think I like the idea of us.❞


7. Chapter Six

Chapter Six



Harry opened the door, and behind him, his current lover's, Belle I think, face lit up with amusement when she saw Everlee. Harry simply smiled.

"Hey Lou. Hey Ever." He waved. Everlee saw Belle looking at her with a smug look on her face and tensed up beside me. I looked at Belle and our eyes met. The memory of her screaming my name rung through my mind and I rolled my eyes. Belle licked her lips then glared at Everlee as she realized why I brought her.

"So your the girl Louis is so obsessed over?" Belle said in her obnoxious voice.

"Yes." Ever squeaked.

Harry rolled his eyes and dragged the girl away from us, then yelled for us to come in. I lead Ever inside and Petra was in between Zayn's legs on the floor with a bottle of vodka in hand. Niall had a red head pinned against the wall and was making out with her aggressively. Liam was sitting on the couch staring at the liquor in his cup. Everlee looked over at the red head and Niall and made a face. I laughed lightly and dragged her over to the recliner, sitting down in it and pulling her down onto my lap.

"What would you like to drink?" Harry asked.

Everlee looked over to me for help. "Uh just give us some cherry vodka sour." I said. Harry nodded and walked to the kitchen. Belle had her eyes on Everlee and lit a cigarette, bringing it to her mouth and sucking slowly.

Everlee glanced at her nervously.

"Hey," Liam spoke up and turned his head to Ever "aren't you Dakota's friend?"

Everlee looked down and squeaked a yes. Liam smiled a bit and went back to his drink, taking a couple of gulps. Dakota, or Denise, whatever her name was, came out of the bathroom and sat by him. She noticed Everlee staring at her with wide eyes within a couple of seconds and tried to hide her surprise as she saw her sitting on my lap. Everlee smiled nervously and then turned her head back to me.

"This is awkward." She whispered.

"Wanna go somewhere else?" I asked softly, brushing a curled strand of hair out of her face.

"Yes please."

I nodded and she got up, her skirt lifting slightly and I had to stare. I got up after her and told Harry to hold the drinks.

"Where are you going?" Petra slurred. Zayn chuckled and kissed her head.

"Everlee is uncomfortable." I rolled my eyes.

"The party has only started." Belle laughed "C'mon lets play a game."

"Yes!" Petra squealed.

"Truth or Dare." Belle said.

The group, Harry, Belle, Petra, Zayn, Niall and the redhead managed to stop snogging and joined, got into a small circle. Dakota and Liam were cuddled up on the couch, Liam smiling as Dakota slept. I looked over to Ever.

"Do you think we could stay for a little and play?" I asked her. She slowly nodded.

"Okay." I smiled and sat down next to Harry who sat next to Belle, Petra in Zayn's lap, and Niall and the red head sitting side by side. I pulled Ever down next to me and she squeaked as I did so.

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