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8. Chapter Seven

Part of this chapter will be written by my cousin Axel. Just getting that out there, I will be editing after him, so if you like this chapter, applaud for him even though he doesnt have a wattpad. Oh and most of the chapters are gonna be in Louis' POV because I feel I write better that way. - Ash xxx

Chapter Seven


"Hmm mm.....i'll start off." Belle tapped her lips and turned to Niall and the red head. "Sabrina," the read head perked up, and looked at Belle with wide hazel eyes "truth or dare?"

"Truth." The red head, Sabrina said easily and leaned on Niall.

"Is it true your Dad's the Dean of Oxford?"

"Yeah." Sabrina shrugged.

"Okay your turn."

Sabrina turned to me and Everlee. Oh crap.

"Everlee? Truth or dare?" She said.

Everlee tensed up, "Um, dare?" She squeaked.

"I dare you to kiss him." Sabrina pointed at me. I could hear Belle laugh and Harry rolled his eyes. Liam watched us closely and Dakota was glaring at Belle.

"I'm gonna go finish making your drinks Louis." Harry awkwardly got up and walked back into the kitchen. Everlee was still tense when she turned to me.

"Okay." She said loudly. I blinked for a second and Belle stopped laughing. She grabbed the bottom of my chin lightly, and we both leaned in. I made sure to do it softly so Belle wouldn't be amused. Her lips were smooth and soft, I felt bad because I had stole her first kiss, at a party, stupid Sabrina.

Belle snorted as we broke away, and when Everlee's eyes opened, they were light and shining. She was beautiful. Dakota joined our group by sitting in Harry's spot and Liam looked at her with a questionable look. Harry came back with the two cherry vodka sours we asked for earlier, in a clear glass. When he handed Everlee hers, she quietly stared at it. I sipped mine, she had no reason to be afraid of it, all of us here were legal.

When she did take a sip, all eyes were on her, I could tell the alcohol burned her throat as she winced but she kept drinking anyways. When she looked towards Zayn, I could see bravery engraved into her eyes, and when she spoke up, bravery was written in her voice.

"Zayn." She said quietly, but loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Hmm?" He broke away from kissing Petra, which caused her to pout. What a drunk she is.

"Truth or dare?"


"Is it true that you draw? And if so, can I see one?"

Zayn smiled, "yes and yes."

Everlee scooted over to him as he took off his jacket, despite the hot august air he was wearing one, and showed one of his tattoos, a snake wrapped around his wrist with glowing red eyes. Everlee scooted back over to me and I pulled her into my lap. No matter how much Zayn wooed her, she would always be mine. Her skirt pulled up a little, and I found myself staring again.

"Louis." Zayn said, and I snapped my head up. "Truth or dare?"


"I dare you to take off your shirt and keep it off for the rest of the game." He smiled.

I shrugged and pulled my shirt off, handing it to Everlee, who turned her head to look, and her eyes widened when she took in my chest. I smiled a bit and turned my head to belle.

"Isabelle?" I said in a mocking tone of Belle's voice. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth." Belle rolled her eyes.

"Okay. Is it true your a whore?"

Everlee and Dakota couldn't control their laughter as Belle's face turned red.

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