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❝I think I like the idea of us.❞


2. Chapter One

Chapter One



"Yeah mum, we're almost there." Gemma said into her phone looking over to me. "No," Gemma sighed "I didn't kidnap her. She came voluntarily." What a lie, "Bye." Gemma hung up on her mum, Anne Styles. I laughed a bit as Gemma started her car back up and backed out of the parking lot we drove into so she could talk to Anne. "So tell me why you want me to come again?" I asked raising a eyebrow.  "Because your my best friend. It would be awkward for Harry to bring his and me not bring mine." She said grinning evilly. "Right," I rolled my eyes "but your still not getting me to talk to him. I'm only going because your buying me a coffee." Gemma laughed "Of course love!" I smiled a bit. Gemma had always been my best friend, despite her being a whopping four years older then me, which meant she was twenty-one for now, until December third, and I, just turned eighteen last
month, July twentieth. It was about two minutes before we got to the coffee shop. Two minutes of Miley Cyrus torturing our ears with her horrible wrecking ball song. Note, do not watch the video unless your looking forward to seeing parts of her butt and vagina. Gemma parked next to a red mini-van, I just hope it isn't some kidnappers van and he's going to kidnap me and rape me. Gemma got out before me and shrugged as I didn't get out. She walked into the coffee shop and I couldn't see her through the dim windows of the coffee shop. It took me ten minutes to get myself together. I seriously do not like people, I like food better than I like people. As I slowly got out I checked to see if that van really was a kidnapper's van. Then I slowly walked into the coffee shop. They weren't far from the door, i was there in ten small steps. Harry and Gemma were in a deep conversation, sitting across from each other. Louis was staring out the window. His beauty made my stomach churn. Dark beautiful messy brown hair, striking blue eyes, and his dark facial hair...
"Hey Ev!" Harry said smiling. He got up and hugged me tightly, I awkwardly hugged him back. Louis took a glance at me then went back to staring out the window. I remember hearing the news about Violet, she died in a car crash going to school, on the last day. Nobody knew she was dead till school was over, but everyone noticed Louis being alone in the halls. The newspaper published two days later,

"Drunk Driver kills seventeen year old girl

On June thirteenth, drunk driver, Joe Hartman killed seventeen year old Violet Black. Violet was a junior at Redwood High. Students say she was a amazing person and did not deserve to die, that she and her boyfriend were planning on spending the whole summer together. It was six fifteen, forty five minutes before the last day of school started that the crash happened. Black was pronounced dead in the ambulance fifteen minutes later. Black's family is pressing charges against Hartman, who could serve up to twenty years, for DWI and manslaughter. Funeral is said to be June fifteenth."

My mum knew Violet's, she attended the funeral and made me go as well. Louis was there, and i had never seen him so heartbroken. He looked fine now, as if nothing happened, poor guy.

Harry sat back down next to Louis while I sat by Gemma. They continued their conversation about Gemma's life in college, and why she dyed her hair blue. I grabbed my phone and started playing flappy bird, I died after two. After ten minutes of me losing at two, I heard a voice.

"The trick is to relax." Louis said watching my eyes as the game reflected off of them. I shifted uncomfortably. He smiled beautifully.

"You need to stop." I said before I could stop myself.

"Stop what?" Louis raised a eyebrow.

Uh-oh. "Uh...Um....Dazzling me with your beauty...Its kind of distracting. Did you know that you do that?"

Louis laughed the most amazing laugh. Why was i so confused  when I was near him? It was like his beauty made me dumb. I  could feel my face going red.

"Hey don't get embarrassed love, i'm only laughing because your the first girl to say that!" Louis said grinning. I cant believe Harry and Gemma weren't hearing this conversation! They must be really interested in why Gemma dyed her hair blue. Louis smiled at my puzzled expression. I mumbled under my breath and continued playing flappy bird while Louis scooted his chair next to me. His cologne had a strong smell but it was an amazing smell, it smelt like a fancy hotel. I hoped I smelt good.

"You smell like strawberries." Louis pointed out.

"Do you not like strawberries?" I asked gulping.

"I don't. I love them." He smiled sheepishly.

We talked more for about 2 hours. He was actually a nice guy, and it was the first time in a long time that i've talked to someone like him. It was the first time i've had a conversation with a stranger. And I was deeply saddened when we had to leave.

"Holy macaroni, its five Ev, your mum's going to be wanting you home soon." Gemma said looking at me talking to Louis. I sighed.

"Bye Everlee," Louis smiled "Call me sometime." He handed me a napkin from the coffee shop with his phone number on it.

I smiled "I will." And we waved bye to each other. Gemma hugged Harry goodbye, and after her so did I. Strangely, Gemma didn't live with Harry and Anne, she lived across the street from me in a small house, the smallest house in our neighborhood. Together me and Gemma walked out of the coffee shop. When we got in the car the first thing i heard was, "Louis seemed to really like you Ev." I smiled to myself.

The next day my mum took me shopping, and the whole time I was texting Louis. Turns out he had three little sisters. Charlotte, then Daisy and Phoebe, who were twins. Charlotte was called Lottie and she was thirteen. The twins were eight.

'I don't have any siblings :( but a whole lot of cousins' I replied.

'Are they as pretty as you? ;)' He sent back. God he sure knows how to flirt.

'Haha they are all prettier then me, and older. I have 5, Jasmine, Kelly, Victoria, Erica, and Amanda.'

'Erica Kane? 19?'

'Yeah. How'd you know?'

'She goes to our school lol'

'Oh lol so how old are you?'

'I'm going to be 19 on Christmas eve. You?'

'Just turned 18 last month, on July 20th'

'Awww I need to get you a birthday present!'

'No lol'

'Yes xP whether you like it or not love. Now I gtg buy it!!! Byeee!'

'Lol Bye.'

Laughing i put my phone in my back pocket and examined the clothes on the rack in front of me.




Hope you like it! Please dont judge this is my first story sooo  XP


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