Us // L. Tomlinson

❝I think I like the idea of us.❞


10. Chapter Nine

Warning: Smut in this chapter


Chapter Nine



"Everlee?" I ask.

"Yes?" She says.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"But," I prop myself up on one arm, "we just met. What will people think?"

"Louis, sometimes you just know when you love someone. From the way your heart skips a beat to the way they look at you. I see it in your eyes, you do love me. If people cant believe that, then the hell with them. Love is love, no matter what." She speaks with bravery and boldness in her voice. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her tightly. She turned around in my arms and kissed me softly. Her lips were warm and had traces of cherry vodka sour.

We sat like that for a while, under the stars, just cuddling. Something I had never done with Violet. Everlee took me by surprise when she escaped my grasp and sat on my waist. She pulled me up to her face and kissed me like she never had before.

"What are you doing?" I asked between kisses.

"Just go with it."

She then started to take her blouse off.

"Everlee no-"

"Please Louis? Please?" She whimpered and when I looked up at her, her eyes were glassy.

"Fine." I breathed. She continued to take her blouse off and i helped her. Her bra was plain white but it was hot on her. She took her heels off and then her skirt, putting them neatly in a pile. Her hands found the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off of me. I sighed and pulled my shoes off and then my pants.

She laid down on the blanket and I had no choice but to lay down beside her. Her hair was sprawled out under her head when I pulled the extra blanket over us.

"Are you sure?" I asked her.

She nodded and bit her lip.

I climbed on top of her and found the hem of her panties quickly. She closed her eyes as I slid them off. Taking a deep breath, I pulled my boxers off.

When I slid into her, she winced.

"I can stop if you want." I frowned and kissed her cheek.

"No, don't stop." She pleaded. I sighed and did what she asked.

I couldn't help but lose myself in her. I had never been with a virgin before, and she was just so damn tight. I could tell after a while it was pleasuring her, and fuck, it was pleasuring me too.

Soon she was cumming in sync with me.

And then I remembered.

"Condom..." I laid beside her and slapped myself on the head.


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