Us // L. Tomlinson

❝I think I like the idea of us.❞


5. Chapter Four

Heyy guys! Just wanted to thank you guys for getting this story to 200 reads! Theres probably going to be a few more chapters, but I can promise you, I will try to get to 10. Anyways, this chapter is going to be short but I wanted to give you guys something for getting You and I ( Now named 'Us' ) to 200!! - Ash

P.S: Pick of Violet on the side


Chapter Four



As Friday drew closer, the more i wanted to jump out the window of my bedroom more. Louis had texted me that he would be picking me up at six, and of course, being the total jerks they are, my parents agreed to let me go. He only told me to dress nice. So at four o' clock in the evening, when I should be eating chips and watching action movies on Netflix, here I was, having my Mum curl my hair, do my makeup, and dressed in a black laced sleeveless top, that exposed the upper side of my back, and wrapped around my neck, and exposed some cleavage, and a black and white striped skirt with red heels that my Mum forced me into. At first I almost broke my neck, but i got used to them as she lead me down the hall to the bathroom.

Mum finished curling my hair and pulled it into a half ponytail, then she covered my face with a liquid the same color of my skin that took away the blush on my cheeks and the redness on my forehead, and swiped what I believe mascara onto my eyelashes. She applied a light pink powder that made the color return to my cheeks and lip gloss onto my lips. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't know who I was. All my life I had been Everlee Joan Cameron, normal nerd that no boy hardly ever talked to unless she was tutoring them. But now in this outfit, and the way my mum did my make up and hair, I felt like a whole new person. A new me. I liked it.

Would Louis like it?

Mum smiled as she took me back downstairs to show me off to Dad. He smiled and hugged me tightly.

"Your finally growing up." He whispered, and his voice cracked. "I love you so much Everlee."

"I love you too Dad." I mumbled.

The next hour passed with my Dad crying and my Mum comforting him. You would expect it to be the other way. I sat awkwardly on the couch and nearly died when there was a knock at our door. Mum opened it.

Louis was dressed in a white shirt, showing the tattoos underneath, black jeans, and a pair of red vans. I felt overdressed. Mum's eyes widened as she took in Louis, his tattoos, his messy dark hair, the way his face was now shaven, and the smile on his lips as he found me sitting on the couch.



She was beautiful. I have had my share of women, but none were like her. The way her brown eyes lit up when she saw me walk through the door made a smile come to my lips.

And then I knew.

I knew why I had taken a interest to Everlee.

She looked like her.

The only girl i've ever truly loved.


A ping of guilt ran through me and I saw the frown on her face as horror took over mine.

Everlee's eyes were brown.

Violet's were hazel.

Everlee's hair was two shades lighter.

Violet's hair was naturally black.

But as I stared at her, Violet's face was in my mind. I couldn't let her do this to me. Everlee is in front of me. Everlee is the one I love, Violet will always have a place in my heart. Just not now.

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