Us // L. Tomlinson

❝I think I like the idea of us.❞


9. Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight



"Well?" I said grinning "Are you gonna answer?" I questioned Belle, playing with a curly strand of Everlee's hair.

"No." Belle rolled her eyes and sipped on her drink. Dakota had recovered from her laughter and was now cuddled up with Liam on the couch, Harry sat awkwardly beside them. Sabrina had laughed a little and her and Niall had gone somewhere up stairs. Petra had fallen asleep with her head in Zayn's lap in the two minutes everybody had busted into laughing fits. Zayn watched her with awe in his eyes. Harry walked stiffly to the kitchen, Belle looked around, and Everlee was picking up my shirt. I grabbed it from her softly and pulled it on.

"Can we go now?" Everlee sighed and checked her phone. "Its only eight, we have two more hours before my Dad wants me home." I nodded and stood up, helped her up and lead her to the kitchen with Harry.

"We'll be leaving now Harold." I smiled and wrapped a arm around Everlee. "Sorry, not sorry, about Belle." I laughed.

He laughed with me and I felt Everlee shift uncomfortably. "Bye Louis, bye Everlee." He turned back to whatever he was doing and I led Everlee out of Harry's flat. I held the passenger side door open for her and watched as she got in. I closed the door and hurried to get to my side. When I was in I turned the car on and was met with a blast of cold air into my face.

Everlee (because its been a while lol)

The party was fun. I kissed Louis, Louis made a joke about Belle, a girl who was way too "underdressed" and I guessed she and Louis had slept together before from the way she looked at him, and for one in my life I actually came close to really living.

And I loved it.

I loved the way Louis' air conditioner blew cold air onto my face, I loved the way he looked at me with awe in his eyes, I loved the way the alchol burned my throat earlier.

I think I love him.

Not some like cliche love story where they fall in love at first sight, but the kind of love that actually happens in real life. Like Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace. The kind of love you find in eighties movies. The kind of love that I supposed was real. From the way he held my hand in the car and the sparks flew up my arm, from the way he parked the car where the road ended, and a meadow began.

The meadow was filled with bluebonnets, and I mean filled. He grabbed a blanket from the trunk and led me to the middle of the field, laying the blanket down, laying ontop of it, and pulling me down with him. I smiled up at him.

I didnt notice him leaning in until I felt his warm and soft lips against mine. My lips instantly parted, and it turned into a real kiss. Not just lips pressed against eachother, a real life kiss.

When he broke away he said, "I think I like the idea of us."

"I do too." I blushed.


Hope you guys like it!! Hope it was worth the weeks wait too haha. Love you all so much! - Ash


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