Dead // Z. Malik

He was dead, but his heart still loved.


1. Z e r o


A Zayn Malik fan fiction

Written by AshleighPayge on Wattpad

Inspired by Phantom on Wattpad


Jaunuary 1st, 2014 1:09 am - The murder of Zayn Malik

HIS BREATHING WAS UNEVEN as he ran. The sound of his shoes crunching in the leaves echoed throught the forest. The man, the killer, was only yards away from him.

Suddenly he regretted sneaking out of his house to go to the new year's party, suddenly he wished he was at home with his parents like he was supposed to be.

The manor was only feet away, if he could get there it would be okay. He would be okay.

There was a tug at the collar of his coat and he was pulled down to the ground. The killer looked down at him as a scream escaped Zayn's lips. In one quick movement, the knife was in his heart and he was gone, dead.

The killer drug him over to a tree, hoping no one had heard the scream. But it didn't matter because soon everyone would know about the murder of Zayn Malik.


Hi i hope you all enjoy this story! Yes it was inspired by Phantom but I have no intentions on stealing her story. The stories will be different in a way, but similar in a way.

None of these events really happened, and Rosemill, Washington does not exist. In no way is this meant to make fun of or offend the 1D boys or any artist mentioned in here.

If you do not believe in ghosts or think this may offend you do not read.

None of these characters are real or based off of anyone execpt Zayn.

- Ash


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