Dead // Z. Malik

He was dead, but his heart still loved.


3. T w o

Becca. Her name was Becca.

I smiled to myself because I liked the name Becca. It was simple and beautiful. I closed the laptop and got out of the chair. The floor groaned under my feet and I silently cursed.

Becca sat straight up at the sound of me, and I took that as my cue to get the hell out of there. I used my senses to camoflauge in (one of the many great powers of ghost). The window she left open, the one I used to get in, was still open and I jumped out of it, landing without a sound.

I didn't want Becca to think I was a creep, and I really didn't want Becca to find out i'm a creep ghost.

I needed her too much for her to think that stuff.


[A/N]: YES NORTH IS LUKE HEMMINGS'S BROTHER. Just had to get that off my chest :3. I thought it would be nice to involve Luke in the story. Maybe i'll add the others idk. But one thing is for sure: ZECCA is gonna happen sometime in the story. I'm sorry the chapters are short but i don't want to make the chapters long and then barely have any chapters in the story.

Cheers because I wrote this under 12 hours AND DID A DOUBLE UPDATE WOOT WOOT. I posted the other chapter at like 12 am my time sssoooo it counts. Love you all <33 Btw North on the side

- Ash


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