Dead // Z. Malik

He was dead, but his heart still loved.


4. T h r e e


My room is silent and quiet when I wake up in the middle of the night. The only sound is the wind blowing in from the open window. I get up despite my aching eyes and the floor creaks and groans under my weight. I shut the window silently, careful not to wake up Mom. I pulled the curtains shut and took a deep breath.

The house was creepier in the dark and I was almost positive that there had been that boy in my room just as I was waking up. My mind wanders off and I find myself wondering who he is.

"It's the girl who moved into the Malik house...."

My feet carry me to the desk where my silver laptop lays. I sit in the wooden chair and open the top, typing in my password quickly. I click on the Firefox icon and the homepage almost loads as quickly as I typed.

'Malik' I typed into the search bar. It was the first result there, all the way from January.

'Seventeen year old boy goes missing eleven days before his birthday.'

Then, 'Police reveal missing boy as Zayn Malik.'

'Zayn Malik declared dead after missing for a week, body NOT found.'

Lastly, 'Malik case closed. Police decide it's a lost cause.'

I clicked on the first link and a news page loads, the heading the same as what Google gave me. It was useless, all it gave were minor details about a seventeen year old boy going missing in Rosemill. I went back and clicked the second link, this one being a lot more helpful. It gave the date that he went missing, New Year's, the day his parents last saw him, New Year's eve, and gave his picture.

It was him. The same caramel eyes, the same olive skin, the same dark facial hair and hair color. The only difference was that this boy had a blush in his cheeks and wore a varsity jacket. My Zayn had a pale complexion to his olive skin, and looked like a angel in a dark blue sweater, black skinny jeans, and converse.

The outfit he was describe to have been last seen in.

Something went heavy in my chest because I knew what he wanted. He wanted to be set free. He wanted to be able to leave Earth. He wanted to find his killer.

I wasn't sure I wanted to help him, I tried so hard to shut out the supernatural world because I was meant to be normal. I never wanted this.

I searched up something that might of changed my life.

'How to get rid of my medium senses.'

I clicked on the first promising link and read what my tired eyes could read.

'To become a medium, one must meet the following requirements: come close to death (your heart has to stop beating), witness a death, loose someone close to you, and must already have the medium in the genes. There is no way to escape the medium senses - only death.'

I went over things in my head, processing the information slowly. A year ago I had tried to commit suicide and would've been completely successful if the doctors hadn't of brought me back, when I was eight my twin brother Reed died in his sleep from a fever and I had watched but not knowing what really happened, he was the one close to me that I lost, and the medium was obviously in my genes from Nana.

It was simple, there way no way to escape. I was stuck with ghost for the rest of my life.



It's strange how that one word can change your life. A title that many want, a title that many do want. It was the title that Zayn held. It was the thing I could communicate with.

These were my thoughts as Mom enrolled me in school, she forced me to go with her like I would truly be needed. I only talked when the lady asked what electives I wanted - I chose art and home economics, because it was senior year and those were the only two I really hadn't tried in Seattle.

"Would it be okay if my daughter explores the school?" Mom asked the lady.

"Sure," the lady smiled, her bright red lips hurt my eyes to look at.

I took that as my cue to leave and got up out of the chair, walking into the purple and white halls of Rosemill High School.

RHS was just like any other high school in America. The mascot was Eddie the Eagle, the school colors purple and white, and a sports event every week. The school was in it's third period, so the halls were empty. I was alone in the halls and I felt creeped out.

Nobody was in the hall except for me, no janitor, no teacher, no anything.

The hall grew suddenly cold and I pulled the sleeves on my sweater down. Goosebumps were rising on my skin.

A girl, no older than me with long blonde hair walked down the long and narrow hallway. Her eyes were dull and her skin as white as chalk. She had a big smile on her pale lips. She wore a cheer leader outfit with the colors of the school, but it was dirty and torn.

"Hello Rebecca," the girl purred at me. I froze in my tracks.

"How do you know my name?" I asked.

"Everyone knows your name here."


"In our realm of course! Silly girl. You're Reed's little sister aren't you?"

I nodded slowly.

"He speaks so much of you. Saying how your so brave by dealing with ghosts - bah it's annoying. You're annoying Rebecca. First you have Reed tied around your little finger and bowing down to you, and now you have Zayn obsessed with you."

"Who are you?"

"Me?" She grinned showing off white teeth. "I'm your worst nightmare." She turned and walked off. "Goodbye Rebecca." And with that she was gone.

Rosemill and it's damn dead people.



After enrolling me in school that morning, when we got home Mom let me wander around town. I found out that the cemetery was less than a mile from my house. I decided to pay the dead boy a little visit.

"Zayn?" I whispered lowly.

He was there in a instant, dressed up in the same outfit as before, still looking like a angel despite his dead state.

"How did you learn my name..?" He hesitated before taking a step towards me.

"Google." I breathed. "I'm pretty sure you know my name too considering some girl just randomly showed up at RHS saying I had you rapped around my finger..."

"That isn't good..."

"Why isn't it good?" I questioned.

"Becca, that wasn't just some girl."

"Who was it then?"

He paused for a moment, shifting on his feet even though im pretty sure he didn't need it. "Becca," he took a deep breath, once again he wouldn't need that either. "That was Death."

"Death?" I squeaked.

"Death." He said.

"But how...why....she, i mean he, or it, spoke of my twin brother, Reed?"

"Becca, Reed works with Death. Reed is the one that kept you alive when you encountered Death for the first time. Reed is Death's co-worker."


Bahaha cliff hanger xD Happy Turkey Day you guys. I got fat today. So I decided to not make this story about Becca helping Zayn, but Zayn saving Becca from Death. I would spill more details but then the story wouldn't make you shit your pants like I want it to. :p

Bye guyss

- Ash

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