Dead // Z. Malik

He was dead, but his heart still loved.


5. F o u r


Zayn had promised to keep watch over me. That night while I slept, even with the cold bone chilling presence in the room he sat in a chair at the corner of my room. I slept peacefully knowing that I had someone to watch over me, even though I knew Zayn wouldn't probably be able to do much against Death.

All of my life I had imagined Death as a guy in a dark cloak made of skeletons. Instead he was a she, a teenage girl with long straight blonde hair, dull gray eyes, chalky skin and wore a cheer uniform - if that was even her usual apparel.

I put on extra blankets to keep myself warm throughout the night. Only one time when I thought Zayn touched my cheek did it get uncomfortable.

I felt guilty knowing Zayn needed my help and I probably wouldn't be able to give it to him, not with the situation I was in. Questions kept running through my mind all night.

Is Reed angry at me?

Why did he join Death?

Is he eighteen too or still the age when he died?

Despite all the questions, I feel asleep. It wasn't the most perfect sleep since I was scared and all of the blankets were suffocating me. I dreamt of what Reed would be like if he were still here.

We shared the same dark brown eyes that looked like chocolate, same light brown hair, same smiles, same everything. We were the perfect twins. We didn't move to Rosemill, instead we stayed in Seattle but in a bigger home. He was the perfect brother to Lauren and she adored him. She would brag to her sixth grade friends about how her brother was perfection. There were no flaws at all.

I wished it were real.


When I was woken up by Mom, Zayn wasn't in my room. He probably went and hid. Honestly I would too if I were a dead guy and was in a living girl's bedroom.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty!" Mom half shouted, shaking me gently.

I groaned and slowly sat up, my eyes droopy. Mom grinned and went back down stairs to make breakfast. I stood up to quickly and my brain did a three hundred sixy degree spin in my head.

"Zayn?" I whispered.

I felt the bone chilling cold back again and was comforted in knowing that he was near. I walked into my closet and it only took me five seconds to decide what i wanted to wear - a blue sweater similar to Zayn's, black jeans, and converse. I had no clue what made me decide to dress like him, but it seemed right.

I pulled my hair into a pony tail leaving a few strands to frame my face. I walked downstairs and inhaled the scent of breakfast - omelettes. I knew the scent too well. Mom cooked eggs, because she loved eggs. I was surprised she hadn't built a hen house in our back yard. I would've been very mad if she did, because then I wouldn't get to admire the beauty.

I sat in the closest chair and Mom sat the omelette in front of me along with a fork.

"Thanks Mom," I smiled up at her.

"Welcome sweetie." She smiled back and enjoyed her own plate of omelette. I slowly ate mine, letting the cheese melt on my tongue and putting the plate in the dishwasher for Mom.

I returned upstairs and went straight to the bathroom, brushing my teeth as quickly as I could so I could see Zayn before Mom drove me to school.

When I returned to my room, I found a bone chilling note far worse than the cold from the dead.

'Zayn isn't the only one with a cold temperature. Be careful, wouldn't want my prize getting hurt.

- D.'


A lump formed in my throat, and I looked up. As if on cue Zayn was laying on my bed staring up at the ceiling, a deep frown on his face and his eyebrows furrowed.

"When did she leave this?" I sat beside him.

"I don't know. Death is a powerful girl Becca, far more powerful. The opposite of Death is Life. Only Life can beat Death and only Death can beat Life." He replied.

"Why does she want me? She called me her prize Zayn, her price. What the hell is that supposed to mean? I thought Reed was supposed to be protecting me from her!"

"You escaped her grasp, and she doesn't like it. Now that you're in the gateway between worlds and Reed has moved on, you're all hers."

"What makes me so special? Lots of people have came close to death."

"But not many have been brought back from the dead."


"Name?" The woman from yesterday asked.

"Rebecca Winters," I said.

"Rebecca Winters..." The lady smacked on her gum, her red lips moving as she talked and went through her manila folder. "Ah here you are Rebecca!" She handed me the bright piece of yellow paper that had my schedule printed on it.

"Thanks." I gave her a smile and left the office. The halls were as same as yesterday - purple lockers, white brick walls, purple and white tiled floor. But Death wasn't here this time, and I was glad for that.

I headed to my second class silently and handed the teacher my schedule.

"Rebecca?" He looked over at me.

"Becca." I corrected him.

"Well Becca you can go sit over there by Luke." He pointed to a blonde boy with a quiff in his hair and a lip ring.

"Okay," I nodded and took a seat at the lab table by him. I noticed that his eyes were a sparkling blue, the color you only get in the ocean.

"Hi." He looked over at me.

"Hi, i'm Becca." I smiled at him, trying to be friendly.

"Luke." He nodded and turned back to the front.

"What class is this? I kinda just looked at the room number..."

"Science," Luke laughed quietly.

"Ew....I don't understand why i'm learning this. I want to be a author not a damn killer of frogs."

Luke had to hide his smile under his hand as the teacher walked by. I looked down at my schedule, the teacher's name was Mr. Jobs.

"Oh my god Steve Jobs is teaching us science...."

"That queef wishes he was Steve Jobs."

I laughed silently and closed my mouth shut as Mr. Jobs handed out papers on the different types of cells.

"Ugh I already did all of this in Seattle," I groaned and rolled my eyes.

"Good then you could help me because I don't speak Japanese."

I grinned as Mr. Jobs said we could work with our partners. "Okay."


The rest of the day went like that, I had Luke in every one of my classes except gym- he didn't have to take it this year because he already completed his year if gym. Luke would make me laugh in every class that we had together even if it wasn't directly towards me.

When eighth period gym was over and I was ready to leave, I found Luke waiting outside the gym doors for me.

"Hey Seattle girl." He grinned.

"Hey Blondie." I laughed and we walked out of the school doors together.

"Bye bye!" Luke walked off towards the buses and I headed off towards the car Mom bought me. I took a deep breath and turned on my car.



Hi guys i know this chapter is kinda boring but the next one might be better :) Yes Luke is Luke Hemmings and I dont know when i'll show the other guys yet. Have a nice day after thanks giving :p


Dedicated to walkingonairwithluke for the playlist :)

- Ash




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