Dead // Z. Malik

He was dead, but his heart still loved.


6. F i v e


There was a tap at my window and I nearly jumped out of my seat. I looked up to see a girl with bright ginger hair and bright hazel eyes. I bit my lip and rolled the window down.

"Hi!" She said cheerfully. I could almost see the excitement radiating off of her.

"Hey?" I replied back.

"You're Rebecca right?"

"Becca." I corrected her.

"Oh well....i'm Alivia. Alivia Tempest. We have gym and home economics together."

"Oh yeah I remember you." I lied.

"Great! My friends and I were wondering if you'd like to hang out sometime."

"Um, sure. When would be the best time?"

"What about Friday night?"

"I guess," I hesitated. "Let me check with my mom first."

"Okay." She smiled. "Have a nice day Becca." She turned and walked away. I rolled up my window and drove out of the parking lot before anyone else tried to talk to me.


When I got home the house was empty due to Mom's new job as a real estate agent - she had to go all around Washington to actually earn money to pay off the house. Today I knew she would be in Olympia showing off a house, so I had a couple of hours until she arrived home.

I climbed up the stairs, taking my time. I really didn't want to know if Death wanted to play games with me today. And I didn't want to know if anything else was going to happen today. I opened the door to my room and was relieved when I found Zayn lying in the same spot he was in earlier, he looked like he hadn't moved all day long.

"Hey," I said, sitting down next to him. He took a deep breath and sat up, looking me up and down.

"Hey." He slowly replied.

"Whats wrong?"

"I dunno," He shrugged. "I've been watching your house all day, nothing's happened."



"What was your life like before you died?"

"Well," there was a long pause. "I had a little sister, Safaa, and my mum and dad, Trisha and Yaser. My best friends were Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson, my girlfriend was Alivia Tempest, and I got good grades. I was farely popular."

"Alivia Tempest? She was your girlfriend?"

"You know her?" He looked surprised.

"Yeah she came to me just as I was about to leave the parking lot asking if I wanted to hang out with her friends tommorow night."

"Don't go." Zayn quickly said.

"Why not?" I tilted my head.

"Because I don't want to spend a day without you."

"You don't even know me."

"No, but your the only living person that would talk to me. Even when we don't want to be seen by mortals, you can see us. Even when we don't want our temperture to be felt by mortals, you can feel it. Even when we don't want to be heard, you hear us. Your just like us, but with a beating heart."

"And I don't have all the super cool side effects of dying. What exactly all can you do?"

"Well we can be invisible to Mortals, be tangible when we want to - which is most of the time for a lot of us, and some of us can see auras. I can see auras, yours is gray with gold streaks right now. The gray is your medium, the gold is your mood - okay, not happy, but okay."

"It should be tired." I yawned. "School was boring, the only one that kept me from ditching was a guy named Luke Hemmings."

"Him..." Zayn rolled his eyes.

"Whats wrong with him?"

"His dead little brother may be the coolest person i'll ever meet, but all Luke does is sleep around and drink. I wasn't even as bad as him."

"Wow. But he seems fun."

"He probably only wants to get into your pants."

"He's not the only one with the intentions of using me."

Zayn stood up as soon as the words left my mouth. Anger was carved into his face, making him un-angelic looking.

"I'm saving your sorry ass so be happy."

"Your not saving me from anything. As far as i'm concerned all you have been doing is "keeping watch". That is nothing close to saving. Saving is superman, saving is spiderman."

He crossed his arms and turned to my window, getting ready to leave.

"Admit it Zayn, you'd get bored without me. You want one little thing normal to keep you thinking you're human."

Zayn turned around on his heel and pulled me close. The cold was worse on contact - I felt as if my bones were cracking. His breath brushed my face over and over again, it didn't really smell like anything. Finally, he lightly kissed me and despite the coldness, a warm feeling erupted from my stomach and spread all over, I didn't feel like trying to push him away, he needed this I guess.

When he was done he let go of me and I stared wide eyed at him. He turned around and swiftly jumped out of my window.


I didn't see Zayn, but that night I felt his presence in my room. Even with all the ghosts having that cold aura, I knew when it was him. When he was around my skin always tingled.

My alarm woke me up the next morning and I did the same routine as yesterday morning. I dressed in a red Beatles shirt with white jeans and the same converse I wore yesterday. I left my hair down because it was starting to get chilly on only the seventh of November. When I walked out of the bathroom connected to my room, I found a silver necklace lying on my dresser.

'I'm sorry. - Z.' Was written in neat and simple letters, much different to the elegant hand writing of Death. The necklace was silver with a silver heart charm. The heart had a red ruby in the middle of it - I was born in July and the ruby is my birthstone.

"How'd you know?" I asked no one in praticular. My skin tingled and I knew that Zayn was in here, but hidden. I was choosing to not see him at the moment.

I took a deep breath and latched the necklace around my neck.

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