I Want You Forever

C.J is now living with her brother Michael Clifford, while on tour. While on tour, CJ begins to catch strong feeling for Luke and Luke is catching feelings for her too. They want to date but they don't know if they should because of how Michael might react.

Will they date?
How will Michael react?
What will they do?

Only way to find out is to read the story...

I hope you enjoy!!!


17. While the Boys are Out

*Just so you guys know, that I am use to having 24 Hour time... even though in my country we use standard... I KNOW I AM WEIRD. Anyways, I will also be putting the time in standard form, with brackets for those people who do not understand the 24 Hour time.*



Michael, Calum, and Ashton had gone out. They said that they wouldn't be back until 16:00 (4pm). Luke and I stayed on the bus. We were in Chicago. Luke and I have been eating, watching TV, and cuddling the entire time.

I went to the bunks to see if I had anymore hidden food. When I turned around, I saw Luke...

Before I could say anything he smashed his lips into mine. I kissed back right away... I loved the way that his soft pink lips felt, they started to travel from my lips, to my neck, no my ear (where he was nibbling on the lobe) then he found my sweet spot on my neck. I moaned and I felt him smile.



 I heard CJ moaning because I found her sweet spot... I went back up to her lips but she dodged them, and I smiled and tried again... this time she went from my lips to my neck, then to my lips again.

I crashed mine into hers again. She then wrapped her arms around my neck, and I put my arms around her waist, and pulled her towards me and I deepened the kiss.. I could feel her wanting more. So I decided to put my hand down her back and to her ass.

I gently squeezed it, and she moaned some more... I felt her smile within the kiss. I then put my hand down to the back of her thigh.

I bent down a little, not much to break the kiss, but just enough that I could lift her. Once I lifted her she wrapped her legs around my waist. I put one hand around her, and one under her for support.




I was now with my legs and arms around Luke, as the make out session became more intense and more deep. I was then pushed into a wall...

I am guessing that it was for more support because his hands went from holding me, to roaming my body... They went in my shirt, and in my bra... he squeezed my boobs, and he pressed me harder into the wall... I could already feel where this was going to lead us.

My fingers were clinging, and so were his hands. We were so into the mood that we didn't hear the bus door open... Then there was a open in the door to the bunk, we didn't stop because we didn't hear that open either.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!?" is all we heard before we stopped and looked at the open door with someone standing there. We saw someone that we never wished just some what happened...

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