I Want You Forever

C.J is now living with her brother Michael Clifford, while on tour. While on tour, CJ begins to catch strong feeling for Luke and Luke is catching feelings for her too. They want to date but they don't know if they should because of how Michael might react.

Will they date?
How will Michael react?
What will they do?

Only way to find out is to read the story...

I hope you enjoy!!!


15. The Nightmare...


I was running. I don't really know what I was running from. I stopped and tried to catch my breath. I turned around and I saw a guy standing in front of me with a knife. I tried to scream but no words were able to come out of my mouth. I tried to take a deep breathe but I couldn't. I felt like someone was taking all the air out of me. The man brought me into an alley. He took his knife out and slicked my wrists and legs. I fell to the ground in pain. I still couldn't talk. The pulled over my shirt so I was then in my bra and pants. He quickly sharpened his knife against the ground and he cut my stomach open. I really don't know how I was still alive. I was watching and trying to scream so loud. Then I saw him pull something out. IT WAS MY HEART!!! He took his knife and I was begging him not to do anything. He gave me and devil smile.

"I know your secret!" He said handing me a picture of Luke and I kissing. He took his knife again and stabbed my heart. 


I heard screaming and crying.

"STOP, PLEASE DON'T!!! HELP!! SOME ONE, ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!" I heard. I got up and went over to CJ who had just woken up. She was crying. I hopped into her bed and held her close.

"Hey, it's okay... I am here. It was only a dream." I said. She just kept crying and held me closer. I was rubbing her back in circles, and it was working. Soon enough there was no more crying. I looked at her. She just looked at me... Scared, frightened... That was all I saw. I laid down and she was lying next to me, not breaking eye contact.

"Are you okay?" I asked. She gave me a hesitated nod.\

"Okay. I am not leaving your side." She smiled. I kissed her and she put her head on my chest and I couldn't help but wonder what had scared her so much... I heard her yell my name.

"CJ... What was your dream about?" I just had to ask.. she turned her head to me and she just answered in a shaky voice.

"It was like the movie we watched. I was running and someone was behind me with a knife. I tried to yell for help but nothing came out... It was like... Like someone was taking all the air out of my body. So the man had pulled me into an alley and he slicked my wrists and legs... Then he did the same to my stomach. He got a hold of my heart, and he told me that he knew my secret... When I didn't reply, he handed me a picture of you and I kissing... I had wide eyes, when he stabbed my heart. Then I woke up." she said to me.

I nodded, knowing that the movie had really scared her. She put her head back on my chest, and we just fell asleep together.


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