I Want You Forever

C.J is now living with her brother Michael Clifford, while on tour. While on tour, CJ begins to catch strong feeling for Luke and Luke is catching feelings for her too. They want to date but they don't know if they should because of how Michael might react.

Will they date?
How will Michael react?
What will they do?

Only way to find out is to read the story...

I hope you enjoy!!!


16. The Masked Man in the Dream


I woke up with CJ in my arms. I suddenly remembered last night, with all the crying and her dream. I didn't want to wake her up because I figured that she was in a good sleep... So I gently unwrapped my arms and got up. I covered her with the blankets and I was starting to walk to the bathroom when I ran into Ashton.

"Hey man, how are you are CJ going?" he said. I just looked at him with shock in my eyes... How did he know about me and CJ?

"How do you-" I started but was interrupted.

"I saw you two kiss at the hotel that night when I came back from the lobby getting a coffee." he whispered. I nodded my head...

"Me and her are good... We just don't want Michael finding out until we have a good way on telling him." I said. He nodded in agreement and moved out of the way so I can use the bathroom.



After I was done in the bathroom I went into the hangout and I saw Michael. He got up and came to me.

"How was my sister last night?" He asked.

"She had a nightmare... She said that it was the base of the movie but with her... She said that before the man can kill her he said something about knowing her secret." I said.

"Did she say who the man looked like?" he asked. I shook my head.

"Not again..." he said... I stood there confused. I was really confused, like why would he say not again? Did she have a dream like this before?

"When CJ was younger and she watched something scary, she would always have a dream based on that movie. The masked man is someone that is going to find something unpleasant about her... and the secret part, we were never able to understand... She always said that the masked man would take something from her. Do you remember what if she told you?" He said.

"She said that he had her heart, and that after he said that he knew her secret, he stabbed it." I said.

Michael opened his eyes wide...

"Oh, shit... The last time she had a dream like that the doctor said that it was because she was just thinking too much." Michael said.

With that said CJ walked in.

"Morning bro... Morning Lukey." she said.

"Morning..." Michael replied,

"Lukey?" I asked. She just nodded her head and started to laugh as Michael got her a bowl from the top shelf.

"So what are you guys going to be doing today..?" She asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well because it is our day off... I was going to go out and get something's. Calum and Ashton are coming.. Luke said yesterday that he didn't feel up to it.. and you are not allowed to come because of that dream you had. So tell me all about it before I take off." Michael said. CJ just sat next to Michael and explained to him everything that I had said, plus a little more.

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