I Want You Forever

C.J is now living with her brother Michael Clifford, while on tour. While on tour, CJ begins to catch strong feeling for Luke and Luke is catching feelings for her too. They want to date but they don't know if they should because of how Michael might react.

Will they date?
How will Michael react?
What will they do?

Only way to find out is to read the story...

I hope you enjoy!!!


2. At The Airport

As he was looking at me from head to toe he opened his mouth, I started to laugh while we was saying


"What you no like it Mikey??" I started laughing while asking him.

"No, I don't like it. Your clothes, fine because you always dress like this, but you pierced your nose. AND YOUR LIP!!" He said getting a little angry, as the boys started coming.

"Chill out dude, it looks good." A strange but familiar voice said. I looked towards the voice and saw Luke Hemmings looking at me with a smile.

"Easy for you to say, you have one too. I'm just not use to seeing baby sister like this." Michael said.

"Well sorry Mickey, everything kind of changed when you left home to live in Australia with the guys." I said.

"Well don't worry I will have lots of time to adjust to it." Michael said.

"Well instead of talking about my piercings, how about you guys come help me get my things." I said. "Alright!" They all said knowing I would've won anyways.

I had brought 3 luggage of clothes, one with my fancy clothes and shoes, 2 carry on luggage and my guitar. Luke was about to pick up my guitar but I told him not too...

"What's in there C.J?" Calum said looking at the bag.

"It's my guitar." I replied. "You play guitar?" Luke asked. I nodded with a smile.

"Yeah, I also play bass, and drums." I then said.

"Do you sing?" Ashton asked. I nodded.

"Can you sing us a song?" Calum asked.

"One day. Not today though!!" I said as I started to laugh and walk away. Luke watched me walk away, but stared at my ass.

"Lucas, don't get any ideas to start dating her. She's Michael's sister.." Ashton said. Luke just looked at him with puppy eyes and a frown,

"I know" he said as they started to walk with Mikey and I.

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