💔The Story Of Me💔

I just wanted to be honest and tell you all the truth about me.


2. 3

A lot of u are asking and I'm gonna answer your questions write now.

1) I'm 16

2) This isn't a story it's the real truth of my life

3) I have starved, selfharmed, and gagged myself since I was 11 so it's been about 5 years.

4)If u really wanna talk Kik me at girl_on_the_side

I'm taking to about 7 of u right now and I made a promise to one of u that I'd try and not starve, self-harm, or gag for 1 week at least. I am doing my best and it's working so far. Hope it does but school might make it worse but I'll try my best. I love all of you and if u need to talk Kik me and I'll help u if I can. Love ya! Bye!

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