💔The Story Of Me💔

I just wanted to be honest and tell you all the truth about me.


1. 1

I felt like I need to tell you guys the truth about me. Let's go to when it started.

*4th grade*

I was in 4th grade. I'm the good girl. I can read at a 8th grade reading level. I'm super smart for my age. I'm super sweet and I consider myself pretty.I am a year older than everyone in my grade. Back then I was 9 and everyone else was 8. So ya. I was asked out by the fastest and cutesy boy in school. His name was David Ruiz. I had a best friend named Julia Estuita. She warned me not to fall for David. I didn't listen. Man I should have listened. I ended up being David's girlfriend. We dated for about 2 years. In 6th grade he dumped me. The first day of school too. He told me I was a bet. He was dared to date the ugliest and most pathetic girl in the whole school, which apparently was me. He said he started to like me then I became clingy and that he was happy he dumped me cuz he's been waiting to get rid of me for so long. I was so broken. I cried to Julia feeling terrible for not listening. Then I did something I never tonight I'd consider doing. I started to self harm. I became depressed. Slowly (1 year later) after I felt anorexic. I feel super insecure and felt overweight. I felt like 125 was not supposed to be the weight of a 13 year old girl who is only 5'4. I then even stopped eating. I told my parents I ate when I got home when I really didn't. I put breakfast in my backpack and threw it away at school. I never after lunch. I didn't eat dinner. I only ate dinner when my parents and I went out which was maybe once or twice a month. On thanksgiving, I'd eat and then feel fat after. I even started gagging myself do I would get rid of the food faster. I felt terrible. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror anymore. I cried myself to sleep. I have scars on my upper arm because my mom every once and a while checks my wrist but never above my elbows which is where the cuts are. I cry myself to sleep still. I still self-harm. I still every once in a while gag myself. I still refuse to eat. I just drink a lot of water. My current weight is 117. I lost it fast. I still feel fat. Everyone in my grade is about 87-97 at the most and least. It makes me feel super fat. I don't think my age matters to you guys. But I just feel broken inside. I haven't had a boyfriend since David. I've had close guy friends but the second I fall for them and tell them they ditch me. These are there names.

1)Tyler McCardle

2)Tyler Fredette

3)Cole Thompson

4)Bryce Hunt

5) Gordon Grigg

6) Maximo Herrera

7) Ryan Tyndall

8) Ethan (idk his last name) (he's also current)

The only one who didn't ditch me was Cole. Sadly, he likes my best friend Nessa Gutierrez. I actually gave home the confidence to ask her out. I felt good about that at least. I still feel broken. 💔 That's about it. That's me. If you want to talk to me I guess you can Kik me if u have kik. I'm girl_on_the_side so if u want u can talk to me and we can be friends or whatever you wanna be! Plz don't Kik me to give me hate. I get bullied and crap and I don't wanna get into that. So ya. That's it. Bye!

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