💔The Story Of Me💔

I just wanted to be honest and tell you all the truth about me.


3. 1

I felt like I need to tell you guys the truth about me. Let's go to when it started.

*4th grade*

I was in 4th grade. I'm the good girl. I can read at a 8th grade reading level. I'm super smart for my age. I'm super sweet and I consider myself pretty.I am a year older than everyone in my grade. Back then I was 9 and everyone else was 8. So ya. I was asked out by the fastest and cutesy boy in school. His name was David Ruiz. I had a best friend named Julia Estuita. She warned me not to fall for David. I didn't listen. Man I should have listened. I ended up being David's girlfriend. We dated for about 2 years. In 6th grade he dumped me. The first day of school too. He told me I was a bet. He was dared to date the ugliest and most pathetic girl in the whole school, which apparently was me. He said he started to like me then I became clingy and that he was happy he dumped me cuz he's been waiting to get rid of me for so long. I was so broken. I cried to Julia feeling terrible for not listening. Then I did something I never tonight I'd consider doing. I started to self harm. I became depressed. Slowly (1 year later) after I felt anorexic. I feel super insecure and felt overweight. I felt like 125 was not supposed to be the weight of a 13 year old girl who is only 5'4. I then even stopped eating. I told my parents I ate when I got home when I really didn't. I put breakfast in my backpack and threw it away at school. I never after lunch. I didn't eat dinner. I only ate dinner when my parents and I went out which was maybe once or twice a month. On thanksgiving, I'd eat and then feel fat after. I even started gagging myself do I would get rid of the food faster. I felt terrible. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror anymore. I cried myself to sleep. I have scars on my upper arm because my mom every once and a while checks my wrist but never above my elbows which is where the cuts are. I cry myself to sleep still. I still self-harm. I still every once in a while gag myself. I still refuse to eat. I just drink a lot of water. My current weight is 117. I lost it fast. I still feel fat. Everyone in my grade is about 87-97 at the most and least. It makes me feel super fat. I don't think my age matters to you guys. But I just feel broken inside. I haven't had a boyfriend since David. I've had close guy friends but the second I fall for them and tell them they ditch me. The only one who didn't ditch me was Cole. Sadly, he likes my best friend Nessa Gutierrez. I actually gave home the confidence to ask her out. I felt good about that at least. I still feel broken. 💔 That's about it. That's me. If you want to talk to me I guess you can Kik me if u have kik. I'm girl_on_the_side so if u want u can talk to me and we can be friends or whatever you wanna be! Plz don't Kik me to give me hate. I get bullied and crap and I don't wanna get into that. So ya. That's it. Bye!

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