The Quest

What will happen if Leo Valdez falls in love? and how will it affect the quest at hand, how will it affect jemma? Find out in the Quest.


6. the second bonfire

leo's pov

"Hey butch,do you know where annabeth is?"

"I wanted to ask her a couple of questions. And she might have an answer to one of my questions."

"Whats your question? I might have an answer for it."

"it's kind of a girl question, and thats why I want to ask annabeth."

"Well my sister might have an answer for you. Plus I want to know what the question."

"I'm not going to tell you butch."


"Because it's kind of personal. And you always tell other people secrets."

"I'm going to take a guess and say its about a certain demi-god that has dark brown hair,and nice blue eyes, that has a name that has to do with a gem?"   


"Because some of us are observant, we know when someone likes someone else. And one of jemma's sisters want to know if you like her, and if you do like her than back away from her her sisters are very protective and are going to tell her to break your heart."

"If you keep it a secret and if you tell this secret than i get to let festis have a try at you, an you will have to run from a metal dragon. And its hard to run from festis."

"OKAY! Just tell me!"

"I like jemma, and i'm going to ask her to go to the bonfire with me."

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