The Quest

What will happen if Leo Valdez falls in love? and how will it affect the quest at hand, how will it affect jemma? Find out in the Quest.


4. Love

"OkayPercy's pov

"Leo you need to forget her! She's going to break your heart!"

"Percy don't you think that I've tried to. But her face just keep's popping into my head! I'm sorry percy I fell in love with jemma, I can't help my feeling's."

Leo's pov

"I need to just forget her. Leo thought. She's going to break my heart.but i can't she was like an angel, and now I've lost her."

"Hey Leo are you ok?  Asked legacy

"Yes, just got something on my mind."

"Like percy, yelling at you for loving someone."

"How do you know about that?"

"I just asked around. It's all over the camp." 

"Oh" said leo

Jemma's pov

"Why did this happen to me i was having a perfect evening."

"Jemma, I don't know why she claimed you. But she told me that you have to be the leader of the next quest."

"Why does it have to be me?"
"Your mother said you have to prove yourself."

"Okay, but do I get to pick who goes on the quest with me?"




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