The Quest

What will happen if Leo Valdez falls in love? and how will it affect the quest at hand, how will it affect jemma? Find out in the Quest.


2. Jemma

Jemma's p . o . v.

Why was that boy staring at me? I've been here for days and he stares at me like a total idiot. "Hey do you know that boy over there?"

"Yes, he's Leo Valdez."

"Thanks, hey  what's your name?"

"I'm Annabeth, who are you?"


"I can ask Leo to stop staring at you like an idiot."

"That would be nice of you to do."

"It's nothing a friend wouldn't do. Hey do you want to hang out later? I could show you some of my friends."

"Sure, that would be fun."

"Hey Leo..., Leo...., Leo....., Leo are you listing to me?

"What? Oh sorry Annabeth it's just..."

"Are you staring at Jemma?"

"Maybe, why? Does she have a boyfriend?"

"No, but you have been asking questions about her like if she has a boyfriend and other things to do with her relationships with guys like you."

"I'm just curios."

"Leo I have learned the signs of when your lying. So spill it, why are you so interested in her?"

"Okay, I like her but I can't tell her. It scares me to think of her saying no to going on a date with me."

"Then don't ask to go on a date with her."

"What do you mean?"

"Why don't you ask her if you could hang out some time?"

"Hey that's brilliant, I could ask if she wanted to go and hang out near Thalia's tree. Thanks Annabeth."

"Don't mention it, and Leo be careful around her, I have taken to her she is my friend and if you mess it up or hurt her feelings..."

"I know, you'll come after me and either give me a lecture or try to kill me. I got it, I know."

"Just warning you."




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