Who to love?

Aaron Lawson is just an average guy trying to find the right girl. This however, begins a love triangle between Aaron, Destiny and Skylar. Who will he choose?


2. First Day of School

Aaron's P.O.V
First day of school, more like first day of jail. A sentence for life right? The only thing i'm excited about is getting to see my two best friends Skylar and Destiny ; these two girls are probably the only reason I believe that I will make it through this year of school. Although I love them both they're like two different people, Skylar's one of the popular and sweet girls that could make anyone smile whereas Destiny is one of those cute and shy ones that could brighten up your day within two seconds; I love them both anyway.

As I walk through the school gates with my head looking at the ground my heart starts beating rapidly, was I that nervous about school or was it just hiding my feelings from these two girls? I lift my head up and see Destiny and Skylar having an intense conversation which was weird because they've never spoken to each other in their lives. Skylar turns around and lays her beautiful green eyes on me and sprints to me as fast as she can. ''Aaron! Omg I'm so glad that you came'' she says as she takes my arm and forces me to stroll along with her. I try to look back and find Destiny but she disappeared as soon as Skylar came to me.

I tried looking for Destiny all day but she was no where to be seen, I kept on wondering; What were she and Skylar talking about? Why is she avoiding me? Does Skylar know something that I don't?

To be continued... 

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