Mirror Image - 2P Hetalia

The countries noticed that something was going on. Every one was turning into their 2P and nobody, but one person, knows who did it. Who would that person be and how will the countries react to that and the situation as a whole?


1. Prologue

Everyone at the World Meeting noticed. He wasn’t acting like he normally does. The once quiet, sweet guy he was, is now a cold, mean person. He’s a complete stranger now and nobody knows what caused this to happen, except two people, who of which were still surprised that whatever had happened worked.  Most of them at the meeting started to go into a panic. They were afraid of who would be the next to change. But, of course, in times of chaos like this, someone had to remain calm. But the question lingers. Who did this to Canada? Why did they do it? How do we fix this problem?

                “Shut up and calm down. We can’t get anywhere if everyone is creating chaos panicking like this!” Germany yelled and everyone stopped and calmed themselves down.

                “Yeah, you’re right. We can’t-.” England started but was cut off by someone, a certain someone.

“I’m guessing you want to know who caused poor Matthew’s 2P to take over, eh? Well, who do you think did it? It’s not that hard of a guess. It has to be someone who didn’t know what they were doing, it has to be someone who was curious. Someone who is able to lay their hands on a spell of some kind.” Canada said, walking into the room, a smirk glued on his face.

Everyone sat there, thinking about what he said and they immediately looked towards the ones who are the suspects…

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