Mirror Image - 2P Hetalia

The countries noticed that something was going on. Every one was turning into their 2P and nobody, but one person, knows who did it. Who would that person be and how will the countries react to that and the situation as a whole?


6. Chapter 5


"Maybe lying to him that I was going to go right back there wasn't such a good idea. He seemed as if he'd come after me once he finds out I lied. Darnit, why did I have to be this stupid?" Alfred thought to himself, worried about, not only his safety, but the safety of the rest of the people.

As Oliver's house shrunk in the distance, Alfred started to feel rather strange. The atmosphere around him felt rather like a totally different country than it was before Arthur became his 2p. For the first time ever, after plenty of thinking over, perhaps Alfred can put together the pieces of the puzzle as to how he hasn't yet turned to his 2P while those around him have. What if the spell doesn't make people turn into their 2p? What if it just enhances their likelihood of them turning into their 2p? Depending on how they're feeling? It makes sense for Matthew and Arthur, but he wasn't sure of how Feliciano was feeling before he changed to his 2p. He hadn't heard from Ludwig or any of the others, so he only has the assumption that they're also their 2ps. He just hopes he doesn't run into them, not just yet. But the thought of being the only one who's still sane makes him scared, honestly scared. None of them had to deal with their 2ps before but they knew about them because their 2ps are a part of them.

Alfred got back to his house, locking his front door, he made his way into his bedroom where he pulled out his laptop. As he turned his computer on, he looked at his reflection on his computer screen and thought, for a split second, that he saw someone else, his 2P. He didn't have much longer before he's one of them and no one else to fix this, not much longer before the rest of the world is doomed. The whole situation went from worrisome to frustrating.

After much researching, he grew tired, but he didn't want to stop. If he stopped and took a nap, he may not have the chance to fix things, he may wake up as his 2p. Alfred started to feel tense. He felt as if he wasn't alone in the house. He stood up and started to look around the house, but he found no one. Alfred started to feel more uneasy, but he decided to go back to work. He can't let his nerves distract him from his work. There's got to be something here to fix all of this. And eventually Alfred came across a site that talked about the spell that he did.

As he started reading, things became tougher to handle. Being closer to fix all of this, his 2p was trying to keep him from undoing it all. The more and more tired he grew, the harder it was to fight off his 2p, this really was the end. Eventually, Alfred passed out from exhaustion. As he slept, his 2p took over, and at this point, every single nation had changed to their 2p self.

Morning came, the atmosphere was still pretty tense, but it also had a more dark tone to it, like it was the apocalypse. But things weren't all settled yet. Now that Al had taken over and became the dominant personality, he had things he needed to do to keep it that way. He needed to go to Oliver's house, tell him that they need to make this stay and to destroy that spell. The spell is still active, Alfred and all the others still has the ability to become their 1ps again, to return back to normal.

Al gathered his things and headed out for Oliver's. As he reached the house after his full disregard for the laws of the road and escaping all trouble, he just entered Oliver's house, not that Oliver cared that much. Oliver is always happy to have guests over. "Yo, Oliver. I need to talk to you!" Al said, walking into the kitchen, in which he paid witness to a particular scene, something Al knew would eventually happen if he doesn't get this spell uncasted.


A/N: Finally, you guys get the long awaited update. I wanted to do more, but I thought that it finally reached a respectable length.

But, ooooooooh! Plot twist, and maybe it's a bad one, but I don't want it to end just yet. D:

But I do apologize for the wait.

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