Mirror Image - 2P Hetalia

The countries noticed that something was going on. Every one was turning into their 2P and nobody, but one person, knows who did it. Who would that person be and how will the countries react to that and the situation as a whole?


5. Chapter 4

                As they went through the last few books, they still couldn’t find anything. “Great, nothing,” Arthur sighed as he closed the last book. “I don’t think there is a cure, a known cure anyway, for that stupid spell you casted. I’m surprised you did it right!”

                “I said I was sorry!” Alfred told him, getting annoyed by his attitude but also feeling really bad about what he had done.

                “Well, sorry isn’t going to cut it! All I ever asked of you is to keep out of here because I didn’t want stuff like this to ever happen!” Arthur yelled, walking out of the room.

                Alfred stood there, not knowing whether or not to follow Arthur to try to calm him down. He knows why he’s so mad and he can’t blame him. He has no one to blame for this but himself. “I shouldn’t have even snuck in his house to begin with. But to continuously tell me not to come down here without any reason, something like this was bound to happen. My curiosity had gotten the best of me. If there’s anyone who should have to find the cure to fix this all, it should be me,” He said to himself, as he thought of how he was going to find the answers.

                After a while, Alfred thought that maybe he’ll find something on the internet so he left the basement to find Arthur to tell him what he’s going to do. “Arthur?” He asked as he sensed something wasn’t right.

                He quietly walked around the house to find him, trying to keep an ear out for any sign of him. Then he started hearing humming coming from the kitchen, which is unusual because Arthur doesn’t hum. He was confused and so he continued walking slowly towards the source of the noise. He already had suspicions, he just needed to be sure.

                As he neared the corner of the room, he carefully snuck his head out to see who it is, to see what’s going on, without getting caught. As he saw who it was, he tried to keep himself from gasping, from making any noise, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Arthur had turned to his 2P. It caught the attention of Oliver, the name in which 2P!Arthur prefers to go by, in the kitchen. “Hm~?” Oliver said, as he stopped humming. “Who’s there~?” He walked towards the corner from where Alfred is standing.

                Alfred started to back away as quickly and as quietly as he could so that he doesn’t have to confront him, but unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen. “I-I was just leaving,” Alfred stuttered, being nervous around Oliver.

                “Oh, but you must stay, Alfie~,” Oliver said, trying to act all innocent.

                “N-No, I have things to do,” Alfred said, walking backwards, hoping it’s the way for the exit. He noticed, if not the pinkish hair and that his outfit had completely changed, the pink in his blue eyes.

                “But, I’ll be all lonely here all by myself,” Oliver whined.

                But Alfred knew what he was trying to do. Oliver was trying to make Alfred feel bad and stay there, but not to keep him company. Definitely not to keep him company. Alfred knew that he wouldn’t give in and let him leave so he had to come up with something, with some kind of lie to get him off of his back. “Um, I have to go somewhere, but I’ll be right back, it shouldn’t be long, so you won’t have to be alone for long,” Alfred came up with, hoping that he buys it.

                “Well, okay then, Alfie. You better come back,” Oliver said, starting to seem hostile.

                “Y-Yeah, dude. I-I’ll come back, just chill,” Alfred said, attempting to calm him down, which seemed to work and left.

                As Alfred left Oliver’s house, he had to calm himself down so that he can figure out what to do next. He really doesn’t know what to do.

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