Mirror Image - 2P Hetalia

The countries noticed that something was going on. Every one was turning into their 2P and nobody, but one person, knows who did it. Who would that person be and how will the countries react to that and the situation as a whole?


3. Chapter 2

                That night, Arthur had a hard time going to sleep. He was afraid that he was the first to change into his 2P. If he wasn’t the one, how much time does he have left before he loses all sanity? He sighed, laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. “That bloody Alfred, why couldn’t he just stay out of my house? Because of him, I now have to find a cure to the spell, but….What if it’s too late by the time I find it? Urgh! I should make sure that there is no way to get into my basement but me from now on. I should at least try to get to sleep. I don’t want to end up sleeping through tomorrow’s World Meeting, especially if it means I don’t tell them about it and have everyone freak out about what’s happening. I suppose they would freak out even if I do tell them, but…. But I guess it wouldn’t be as bad as if it were a surprise.” Arthur closed his eyes and stayed like so until he fell asleep, but the thoughts kept running through his head, he still couldn’t stop thinking about what was going to happen, to everyone eventually if this is not stopped.

                In the morning, Arthur got up and he had a feeling that something bad was going to happen at the World Meeting. But for the time being, he just brushed the thought aside so that he can make himself some breakfast and to make it to the World Meeting on time. He was at least glad that he’s still the normal him. But, what if he just thinks it’s normal when he does turn to his 2P? What if he is? He went into his bathroom and looked into his mirror and breathed a sigh of relief. He was still his normal, 1P self. He is safe… For now. “Thank God I’m still normal. But, I feel like the spell had actually worked. I’m actually scared to go to the meeting….” He sighed. “I just need to calm down and just focus on what I need to accomplish at the World Meeting. I just hope that everyone else is alright.”

                He got finished getting ready and headed out to his car and drove to the meeting that took place in his country this time. The meeting is just only about how things are going on in everyone’s country and issues that are needed to be brought up to be discussed over, but, of course, a normal day ends with a fight amongst everyone and then getting all fed up and having everyone leave. Why they can’t just get along, Arthur did not know, but he has nothing to say about it, especially since he’s one to fight along with them all. He knows that sometimes he starts it, but that doesn’t matter now. All that currently matters is the matter at hand, that Alfred has done a spell that will cause everyone to eventually become their 2P.

                He got to his destination, he stepped out of his vehicle, sighed, and shut the door and walked into the building, a few already present while others followed closely behind Arthur, well, actually, England since they have a rule that they must all refer to each other by their country name inside of the meeting. He went into the meeting room and took his usual seat. As everyone got inside, they decided it’s best to do a roll call. ‘Everyone who was called is present, but why do I have this feeling that someone is missing? Well, it’s true that we always forget about Canada, I shouldn’t worry, he’s probably here right now. But maybe I should mention it to the others?’ England thought to himself, but before he could mention it to anyone, the door opened and everyone looked towards the door.

                Everyone noticed the instant he walked through the door. It was Canada, but not Canada at the same time. He looked… different. England noticed the moment he walked through the door that he is now his 2P self that the spell had actually worked. Everyone else knew that he turned to his 2P as well. They all knew about the 2P’s, but they never had to deal with one before. But what had happened to cause this to happen? Who caused this to happen to Canada and why? How do they fix it? That is what they are all thinking to themselves. Then they go into a panic because they are worried about their countries and how turning into their 2Ps could cause trouble. England was now too afraid to tell them, what he was trying to avoid happened. America felt guilty because he did it, but to not make them notice how he’s acting, he freaked out with them. It was only natural. They all have a country to care for and they can no longer promise their people safety if they are their 2Ps.

                But, of course, all this freaking out isn’t going to get them anywhere in terms of finding the answer as to why this is happening so, of course, Germany had to step up and get everyone to calm down. “Shut up and calm down. We can’t get anywhere if everyone is creating chaos panicking like this!”

                “Yeah, you’re right. We can’t-.” England started but was cut off by someone, a certain someone.

“I’m guessing you want to know who caused poor Canada’s 2P to take over, eh? Well, who do you think did it? It’s not that hard of a guess. It has to be someone who didn’t know what they were doing, it has to be someone who was curious. Someone who is able to lay their hands on a spell of some kind.” Canada said, walking into the room, a smirk glued on his face.

Everyone sat there, thinking about what he said and they immediately looked towards the ones who are the suspects, England and America. They knew how much America annoys England and that England knows what he’s doing when it comes to spells and such, even if he isn’t that good. He would at least not do something that would cause such harm to everyone and America would have just been curious, and there’s a possibility that he couldn’t make out what it said, so why not cast a potentially harmful spell to see what it does? Since America wasn’t going to speak up, England had to do the explaining and sighed. “Alfred snuck into my house and into my basement. He found a spell and cast it without thinking about what was going to happen. I only knew he was down there when I heard someone talking, and I went down there and it was already too late. Unfortunately, there was no cure to the spell listed on the sheet it came from so I have to find it before it’s too late. I’m pretty sure my 2P wouldn’t want to go away when he could finally have his ‘fun’ while I can’t do anything to stop him.”

Germany sighed, upset at America for doing something so foolish, but he was at least thankful they were all taking this seriously and not going to fight and argue with America at the actions he had taken. “Well, since you know more about, uh, magic and spells than any one of us do, do you think you can be able to find a cure? Of course, since America did cause this to happen, and I know you may not like this, but he should help find one while the rest of us watches out for each other and make sure everyone is safe.”

Canada, or shall we say, 2P Canada chuckled a bit, “Well, I have to say good luck with that. The more people to turn 2P, the harder it is to keep everyone safe. Even though I wouldn’t want it, but by the way I see it, I hope you find a cure soon because it only goes downhill from here.” He walked out of the room, hand in his pockets and a smirk planted on his face. They knew he was up to something bad.

“Well, if I have to work with America, then fine. If it means fixing what he caused to happen, then whatever, since he doesn’t know anything, I’ll try to find a way for him to help me,” England said, arms crossed, eye closed and head turned away with an annoyed look on his face. He didn’t have a choice in this matter. It’s either he find an answer or just surrender and become his 2P.

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