Mirror Image - 2P Hetalia

The countries noticed that something was going on. Every one was turning into their 2P and nobody, but one person, knows who did it. Who would that person be and how will the countries react to that and the situation as a whole?


2. Chapter 1

                It was the day before the next World Meeting, Arthur was sitting at his dining room table drinking tea like usual and reading the newspaper, not doing much because all of his work has been done. It seems that he had gotten so into what he was doing that he didn’t know that Alfred, who had gotten bored at home, had snuck into his house. Alfred had decided to go to Arthur’s house originally to bug him, but started to think about what was in his basement, something that he was always curious about when he was a child living there with him. He, as a child, was told to never go down there because it was dark and scary and that he, Arthur, was pretty sure there was a monster down there, saying that because he knew that would scare Alfred and keep him from going down in the basement. But his curiosity never left him.

                Alfred tread across the house trying to make very little noise if any at all. Every so often, he would stop because Arthur would stop what he was doing and sit there still, as if he thinks he heard something, though Alfred would suspect him to think it was one of his imaginary friends, but he couldn’t be too careful. When it was safe to walk again, he did until he reached the door. He had stopped, looking towards Arthur to make sure it was safe and took a deep breath. He had to test his luck to open the door. He is afraid that the door would creak and Arthur would hear and at that point in time, Alfred wouldn’t hear the end of it.

                Alfred slowly grabbed the doorknob and slowly turned it, holding his breath to be sure he heard anything from Arthur that could be a signal to run. When he completely turned the doorknob, he slowly started to open the door. It started to creak a little, but since he was opening it up slowly, it wasn’t that noticeable. He safely got down the stairs without Arthur noticing and started to look through the bookshelf, just being curious and nosy. He took one book off the shelf and started to look through each page when a piece of parchment paper fell out of the book and onto the ground. Alfred noticed and put the book back on the shelf then bent over and picked up the piece of parchment paper. He looked at the paper and it didn’t have a title or description. He had also noticed, that since it isn’t the same material as the paper in the book it fell off of, it was also all handwritten. Of course, the only thing that had gotten through his head was to try and read out the words written on the paper. Instead of doing so in his head, he said it out loud. There were no signs that it worked or not so Alfred just assumed he did it wrong and nothing had happened. But since he doesn’t know how magic worked, if he did the spell wrong, something has to have happened badly, as if the spell done correctly wasn’t bad enough. But when magic is done right, depending on the spell, some doesn’t make any immediate signs and this is one of them.

                Alfred put the parchment paper back where he found it and when he turned, he turned to face Arthur, who had gone to his basement because he thought he heard someone say something and he had found his answer. “What the bloody hell are you doing in my house, Alfred?! Specifically, why are you in my basement?! I thought I told you I don’t want you down here!” Arthur yelled.

                “Don’t worry, dude. I wasn’t doing anything, just looking around. I promise you that I didn’t do anything.” Alfred lied, heading toward the door to leave. “I was just bored, that’s all.”

                “That doesn’t mean that you have the right to come into my house without permission!” Arthur continued, following Alfred up the stairs onto the main floor. He knew Alfred did something, he always does something when he comes over. But the only question is, what?

                After Alfred left, he went back to his basement and the spell that Alfred had put back fell out and Arthur picked it up and read it. A sense of dread came across his face as he realized what this spell was. It was one of the last spells he would want anyone to come across and cast. He didn’t know how long he had to find a cure to the spell because there wasn’t one to it. It wasn’t complete like he’d wanted. He didn’t even know why he had the spell, but all that matters now is finding a cure before he, himself, gets affected. He went against his own judgments and decided to not let anyone know until he either finds a cure or someone is affected.

                The next world meeting was tomorrow and he has a bad feeling about it…

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