Beneath the Stars

He slowly bent down to grab ahold of the bag that I had dropped in my haste to get away. A bottle of water and a blue shirt fell to the muddy ground. His head slowly turned to look up at me, his eyes now a bright yellow. "What were you doing?" His voice was set in stone with a hint of something else. He knew exactly what I was trying to do. I couldn't open my mouth to speak, nor could I move. A growl rose from his throat, and I knew that it was time to run. Again.


2. Chapter 2 *Unedited*


I stilled as I slowly sat up. Shit, this can't be happening. It's just a dream Natalie calm do-. My thoughts were cut off as soft growl was let out. Now was time to make decision, either I bolt and make a run for it, or I sit and wait for my death that is surely to come. Yeah, I think i'll go with the first option. Just as my left foot touched the grown, a screech came from my window. I turned my head to make contact with those electrifying eyes once again. It was as if the beast that was outside of my window, knew what I was planning to do. Without another second passing by, my window exploded, and in came the crisp cold air.


I bent beside my bed as shards of glass rained down onto me. A scream erupted from my throat as some of the shards sliced through my tan skin. Tears crowded my vision as I felt a warm breath blowing stray strands of my dark brown hair off of my face. With a shaky breath, I slowly looked up to come face to face with a boy. I stared at him both in shock and in confusion. His dark hair fell over his eyes, and his chest was exposed, showing me a full display of a toned body. My eyes widened even more at the color of his eyes. They were yellow. The same yellow as the beast that was just outside my bedroom window. My body seemed to finally cooperate with my brain, and I opened my mouth to let out a high pitched scream.


The naked boy in my room with the scary but intriguing eyes sent me a glare before he clamped his hand over my mouth in one swift movement. His front was to my back and his breath was in my right ear. "If I were you, I would shut that pretty mouth of yours." He growled out in a deep voice. My chest rose heavily in panic due to the fact that he was so close to me. What did he want? Was he going to kill me?


As if reading my mind, he answered me back. "Im not going to hurt yo-" He was cut off by the sound of my brother at my door. "Hey Nat, can you stop with all the nose, people are trying to sleep here!" When I didn't reply to him, the doorknob started to twist. Quicker than I could react, the unknown boy brought me closer to him. "Tell him you're fine, or I will kill him and your whole family while they sleep." He growled out in a whisper. My eyes widened as tears threatened to spill. "I'm f- fine. Go back to sleep Ben." I hoped he understood what I was trying to tell him, because I never called him that. The twisting of the doorknob halted, and it felt like the whole world was holding it's breath before my only hope vanished as I could faintly here his steps retreating.


The hand over my mouth was slowly removed, before I was picked up in a swift movement. I yelped at the surprise of the sudden lifting of my body. But, that was when I noticed where he was leading me, or us. We were going towards the window, and the pool of light from the moon. That's when I went crazy, screaming and scratching at his back in hopes of getting away. "Shut up!" He growled, not trying to hide or lower his voice any longer. "Benny, mom, dad, help me!" My door was slammed open just as the unknown boy was starting to start out of my open window. My parents stood in the doorway with Benny and my aunt right behind them.


But, before they could reach me, an unbearable pain spread through my body. I tried to scramble away as a scream ripped out of my throat, but something was holding me back. His muscular arms held me closer as he bit down harder. My family stood in the doorway, as if they were in shock. My strength slowly started to lessen as he was forced to release me. My father had jumped into action and was barreling towards us. The boy placed my body down, before jumping out of my window. My vision slowly started to darken, as my mother started to scream out my name. Arms wrapped around me, but all I saw before I blacked out, were his eyes. Those bright yellow eyes.




I didn't wake up from the sunlight, or the sounds of birds. No, an unbearable pain woke me. I groaned and reached an arm up to touch my neck. I hissed in pain, quickly retracting my hand from the newly torn flesh on my neck. "Natalie!" I cracked my eyes open slowly to see a hazy figure standing above me. As the figure came into focus, I noticed it was my mother. 


"What happened?" I croaked out in a hoarse voice. My throat felt like a desert had come through it, and my whole body felt sore. Tears fell from my mothers eyes as she choked on a sob. I looked at her confused as my father came into view behind her, taking her into his arms. He whispered things into her ear as she sobbed some more into his chest. "It's all my fault!" She cried as my fathers arms tightened their hold on her. " We should have just gone to Hawaii. My poor baby is in pain because of my foolish choices. I didn't know that the rumor was true! If I would have known I- I would have-" 


My mothers rant was cut off by my aunt stepping into the room. "Oh stop your blubbering Rosalie! You knew that this could have happened. You should have listened to my warnings in the first place! You shouldn't be dwelling on this anymore. Their going to come after her, since the beast was forced to leave her here. Natalie is not safe, as long as she is in this town." My parents faces broke into terrified expressions as my aunt Emily's stayed firm. "I still don't get why you wouldn't let us take her to the hospital! What if she dies! Something was wrong with that boy! You don't just bite someone at random!" My mother exclaimed.


My aunts face remained cold as she opened her mouth to speak again. " If we would have brought her to the hospital in this town, nobody would touch her. Not when she bears the mark of the beast on her neck. He would surely slaughter them if he finds out that someone else has touched her, even if it was meant to help her. I am the only one that can help Natalie while she's in this state." I was left confused on the bed spread of an unfamiliar room. The walls were tan and the bed that I was on was grey. This must be a guest bedroom by the looks of it, but why was I in here?


"Mo-" I was cut off by my mother and aunt arguing back and forth about me. I opened my mouth to try again, but my throat was parched. "Mom!" I tried to yell as loud as I could, but it only sounded like a soft croak. They heard it anyway. All of the heads in the room turned to face me as I attempted to sit up. My mother rushed to help me. " It's okay dear." She cooed softly to me, as she set up the pillows behind my back.


"Whats going on?" I crossed my arms against my chest worriedly staring at all of them. " And what happened to my neck?" Since my mother couldn't hold down her tears, my aunt stepped in. " It was nothing to worry about dear, you just had an accident." She attempted a smile to reassure me, but I could see straight through it. They were hiding something from me. I narrowed my eyes and attempted again, but they refused to tell me once more. 


They turned their backs on me again and talked in quieter voices, as if I wasn't there. "If they come for her, how can we get her away from them, to safety." My mothers voice was frantic and her eyes were as wide as saucers. My aunt looked carefully between the two of my parents. "We can try and get you guys out of here, before it's too late, but there is a catch. If we get caught, they will most likely kill us all and take her anyway." My aunts voice was soft and gentle while she spoke to my mother. "Lets do it." My mothers voice was firm. " How much time do we have?" My aunt glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. "Not much, its already dark out and it's almost midnight. You have 20 minutes tops." What? I have been sleeping for a whole day? What happened the other night? 


My parents looked at each other in worry. "Get her bag, and go wake up Benny." My mother nodded, before rushing out of the room. My father walked towards me, and sat at the edge of the bed. "Natalie sweetie, I know your in pain, but I need you to get dressed. He motioned towards the set of clothes that sat on the bedside table. I slowly nodded, and he left the room. My aunt came towards me and helped me out of my shirt and bottoms, since I couldn't sit up straight enough to do it myself. My eyes widened in horror at the large dark blood stain on the sweater. I wanted to ask, but I kept my mouth shut when my aunt sent me a look. 


By the time that my mother came back with my small black backpack in her hands, I was dressed in a dark blue jumper with dark jeans and my brown boots. "I didn't want to spend anymore time in that room." My mother explained to my aunt. My aunt started to nod, but she paused when a ring went through the house. It was a normal doorbell sound, but now it sounded eerie. My mothers wide eyes connected with my aunts, as my aunt slowly rose to her feet.


She walked out of the room slowly. An impatient knock was heard from downstairs, followed by a yell of some sort. My father walked in with Benny, who was still half asleep. My mother quickly walked over to me and raised my chin with her hand. " Listen to me now Natalie, if I tell you to run, no matter what happens or what you see, you do it. Understand?" I gave her a nod, as confusion overtook my face once again. "But whats going on mom? Your scaring me." My frantic eyes connected with hers again, as she pushed my bag into my shaking hands. "Don't ask any question just do what I tell you. I love you Natalie." She gave me a kiss on my cheek before she stepped out of the room. 


The door closed behind her and my father, and I stared wide eyed at it. I felt like a little kid again, when I was scared of the littlest things. I stood from the bed slowly, walking to stand a few feet in front of the door. Benny stood hiding behind me as we could hear a ruckus from below. "Where is she!?" A deep voice yelled. There were various voiced that followed after that one question. Then there was silence, before I heard my mothers voice. "Run Natalie!" That was all it took for me to slip my back through my arms and grab my brothers hand. I helped him out of the window first before I followed.


My mothers screams were cut off as I slipped my left leg out of the large window. This haunted my movements momentarily, before the door of the guest room cracked as a force hit it. I held in the tears as I maneuvered down the dark slanted roof. My grip on my brothers hand tightened as my foot slipped. I regained my balance before I knocked the both of us off the roof. I bit my lip as the sound of the door breaking sounded behind us. A monstrous roar sounded from the open window, causing me to quicken my pace. When we got to the edge of the roof, I looked down to see the top of the fence that showed the beginning of my aunts garden. I slowly lowered Benny onto it, making sure that he was safely on the ground before starting my way down myself.


Benny eyes widened as he lifted a hand to point behind me. I quickly turned around to see an abnormally large black wolf facing me, teeth bared and all. All at once, it started for me, and in a hurry I stumbled off of the roof. I landed with a groan on my back onto the ground next to Benny. The air was knocked out of me, as Benny tried to grab my hand in order to help me up. With the last amount of breath that I had I made a quick decision. "Run Benny, don't worry i'll be right behind you." When he didn't leave, and the growling came closer to me, I pushed him back. "GO!" I yelled out. He finally listened to me and darted towards the forest. 


I looked up towards my roof and made eye contact with the wolf. His yellow eyes pierced though mine, before it made the leap towards me. I quickly rolled to the right and scrambled to my feet, ignoring the ache in my side. I made a start towards the woods. I could see the hair of my brother as he disappeared through the dark trees. I followed right behind him as we both ran. I could hear the multiple rustles of leaves on all sides of us. My breath caught in my throat as he disappeared from my view. "Benny!" I yelled out as I ran on. I finally stumbled into a clearing filled with light blue star flowers. 


In the middle of it all stood a the man that was in my room, holding a dagger to my brothers neck. "I think it's time that we talked."



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