Beneath the Stars

He slowly bent down to grab ahold of the bag that I had dropped in my haste to get away. A bottle of water and a blue shirt fell to the muddy ground. His head slowly turned to look up at me, his eyes now a bright yellow. "What were you doing?" His voice was set in stone with a hint of something else. He knew exactly what I was trying to do. I couldn't open my mouth to speak, nor could I move. A growl rose from his throat, and I knew that it was time to run. Again.


1. Chapter 1 *Unedited*


The stars seemed to be even brighter tonight than they were before. Maybe it was because it was fall or maybe it was that time again. I sighed as I stared up at the beautiful full moon hanging in the sky. At the moment I was lying in a meadow about five minutes from my aunts house. We were visiting for about a week due to the fact that my dad just got a raise. While my brother pouted about going, I didn't say a word. I don't remember my aunt that much. I only knew from my mother that she was a little strange. Im not surprised since it seems like it runs in the family. I must have skipped me in the process though.  


My aunt lives in the small town of Brightland. Im not exactly sure where it is, since I couldn't even fund it on a map. I glanced to my right as 'Dreaming by Smallpools' stopped playing in my earbuds. My mother was calling me, probably to tell me to get home. I glanced up at the moon once again as I answered the call. 


"Yes mom?" I sat up slowly and stretched my right arm that had fallen asleep due to the fact that my head had been  laying on it. "Natalie, you had me so worried! You need to get home now, before it turns midnight. You know that your aunt and her superstitions about this town!" I rolled my eyes at the mention of this towns stupid tradition. The town of Brightland has so called beast that live in their woods. They hunt down the towns people on the night of the claiming, where an oh so lucky girl gets bitten, or claimed as the townspeople say, with the beasts mark. In my opinion its a load of crap, but since my aunt in so worrisome, of course she would follow it. 


"Don't worry i'm coming back now." I hung up the phone and stood up from my position on the ground. I turned on my converse clad feet and headed towards the direction of my aunt Emily's house. I thought about the story that I had heard countless times since I have come yo visit my aunt. In order to have the beast pass by your house without coming after you, you have to paint a dark blue mark above your front door. If you do this, than it won't harm the ones that lay inside the house. Again, as I said before, what a load of crap. A chill went down my back as I felt it. Somebody was watching me. I quickly turned around in a circle searching through the darkening trees in search of whatever it was.


I stood rigid as a snap could be heard from behind me. I slowly turned around to stare into the woods that were across from me. I gulped as a growl came from the darkness. I looked sideways at my aunts house that was just down the road. Another grow came and that was all it took from to bolt towards the house. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me until I reached the door. I flung open the door and glanced behind me as I stepped inside. Yellow eyes stared right back at me through the darkness of the woods. I let out a squeak before slamming the door shut, locking it in the process.


"Natalie, is that you?" My mother walked into the bright hallway with a hand towel, wiping her hands. I stared at her in shock before regaining my composure. "what took you so long, and why are you so dirty?" I took a big gulp of air before letting out my reply. "There was something in the woods! It's eyes were glowing and it was staring right at me!" I exclaimed as I through my hands into the air to add some affect. My mom placed her hands onto her hips before scowling at me. " Stop being so dramatic Natalie, and go get washed up before dinner. You aunt has each of us having a part in getting ready for tonight. You are in charge of painting that sign on the door for tonight. Now hurry up and get changed before your aunt sees you tracking dirt through her hallway!"


With a scowl crawling onto my face, I reluctantly climbed the staircase. she probably wouldn't care if I had gotten eating by that thing in the forest. I pushed open my door and tossed my phone onto the bedspread. I let my hair loose from its bun an walked into the bathroom with a fresh towel clutched in my hands. As the water warmed up, I changed out of my dirty clothes and grabbed a makeup remover wipe. I wiped my face clean and disposed of the makeup covered towelette. I stepped into the shower and stood under the spray of hot water. My now drenched hair fanned around my face as I let my head hang under the water for a minute.


I pushed my hair back before I started washing up with my cinnamon and peppermint soap. Today had been too long, with the people running around town making sure that they had paint on their doors and talking about who would be claimed next. I turned off the water after standing there for a couple of more seconds. I stepped out before I walking back into my room. Dropping the fluffy green towel onto the floor, I made my way to the closet to grab a set of dark leggings, underwear and a warm russet colored sweater. My wet dark brown hair cascaded down my back to end above my butt after I brushed it. 


I descended down the stairs to turn into the kitchen to see my mom and aunt working side by side in the kitchen. I smiled at my aunt as she gave me a kiss on my right cheek. I continue to walk by my brother Benny, reaching down to mess up his hair. "Hey!" he yelled, swatting my hand away. I giggled as I sat across from him at the table. My father was sitting beside Benny working on his laptop. "Natalie, don't forget to get the paint after dinners done." My father reminded me, as my mother set a bowl of salad down in the middle of the table. " Already on it dad." I sent him a fake smile before aunt Emily and my mother sat down at the table along with the plates of chicken and pasta. 


The boys immediately grabbed the serving utensils in order to get their food as my mom and aunt talked like long lost sisters. The rest of dinner went by with everyone laughing and talking except for me, due to the fact that I was distracted. I just couldn't stop thinking about that thing in the woods, whatever it was. I excused myself from the table to go upstairs. I was exhausted and I needed the sleep. As I climbed the stairs I looked at the clock. It read 9:30, showing that it was time for a date with Netflix. After getting ready for bed, I sat with my laptop in my lap on my comforter, and started an episode of New Girl. This show never fails to make me laugh.


After a couple of episodes filled with laughs, my mother poked her head into my door. "Hey sweetie, I wanted to say goodnight and don't worry about that story. Nothings going to happen tonight, so don't worry about it too much okay?" I smile up at her before giving her a  goodnight back. "Whats there to be afraid of anyway if its just a story right?" My mother nodded before she started to shut my door."Natalie?" I let out an exaggerated sigh "Yes mom?" She paused for a second as if she were hesitant. "Be safe, okay?" I didn't have a chance to reply before my room was engulfed in darkness, except for the neon numbers on my bedside clock. 11:00.


I snuggled deeper into my covers, as I placed my computer onto my bedside table. Sleep came to me faster than I thought it would. I thought that this whole beast story would keep me up, but it didn't. Sadly I didn't wake up from the morning light coming into my room. No, I woke up from a scraping sound on my window. As I snapped my eyes open, they came to stare at a set of yellow ones. The same ones from the forest. The numbers on my clock caught my attention. 12:04. My eyes widened in shock. This can't be happening. I forgot to paint the mark....



​So what do you guys think? Do you like it? Hate it? Leave a comment and tell me! I hope you enjoy my new book. If you haven't read my other one 'I want you too..' please do! I would appreciate any feedback on this story. It's my first of this kind of book, so please work with me here. Anyways, I hoped you liked it! Cant wait till the next upload!!!


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